Sunday, February 14, 2016

Meditation or operating area, eco cabin or small guest space design and style by Sett Studio provide a tranquil spaces for rest or work. The area style characteristics 80-360 sf (from 30 sq m and up) of floor region and gives a wonderful resolution for men and women who are needing much more space at property or want to appreciate a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

The eco cabins, developed by Sett Studio, primarily based in Austin , Texas can be used as home offices, guest rooms, kids playrooms, art or yoga rooms, meditation rooms and even recording studios. The business designed numerous units to pick from and also provides completely-customized studio solutions.

Outdoor residence workplace or guest space style

wooden cabin

Dark wood cabin, residence workplace or quest space style

These gorgeous eco cabins are a creative style notion by Kimber Reed. Eco friendly and hypo-allergic, the sustainable style attributes natural supplies.

Inspired by the Japanese wood-burning technique Shou-Sugi-Ban, charred wood is employed for green creating. Sustainable material, the timber is strengthened and enhanced by this technique.

outdoor home office

Outdoor property workplace or kids playroom design and style

The difference between American approach and traditional Shou-Sugi-Ban is that the organization lowered the burn time. The wood keeps some of the organic color, enriching the eco area style appeal.

Tips for decorating and remodeling your cabin, five living space style tips

Steel cabin design by Olson Kundig Architects, modern homes

Tree best dining cabin, inspiring backyard suggestions from Soneva Kiri Hotel in Thailand

The method enables clients to make a decision how considerably burn they would like to apply, generating the customized look of the modest creating.

sustainable design and green building material

Exclusive wood material for sustainable style and green constructing

The natural wood material adds an eye-catching aesthetic to room design and style and offers a wonderful building material. The method weatherizes the wood, prevents bugs and rot. It is more fire-resistant than ordinary wood, and it is just beautiful.
cabin room design and decor with red wallwooden wall for room design small outdoor room design home office in backyard small building for backyard small building in gardensmall home office in garden

Furnishings decoration with a bungee cord is an ingeniously clever thought, perfect for basic, simple to make and very desirable DIY projects. Economical methods of furniture decoration transform wood furnishings pieces into special centerpieces and vibrant house decorations that add a splash of color and a distinctive style to outside rooms or interior decorating.

Bungee cords are a excellent materials for DIY furnishings decoration. Ropes and cords are straightforward-to-discover adornments that aid convert everyday products into trendy property furnishings that showcase your private style. Excellent for outside furniture and space furniture decoration, ropes and cords offer you a versatile concept to play with.

Pick a bungee cord that appears decorative. Tribal appears with hand-knotted appeal are ultra-hip. Tap into your wild side and punch up a plain seat with tactile shapes formed from a cord. Safe cords to  the bench. Fold each cord in half, loop it about a slat, pull each ends via loop and knot dangling ends.

Entryway bench decorated with green bungee cords

wooden bench decorated with bungee cord in checkerboard pattern

Colorful furniture decoration with a bungee cord in checkerboard pattern

Continue adding cords, alternating colors, until you generate a square or rectangle in accordance with your decorating design and style.

Generate more squares in a checkerboard pattern. This is a basic and swift way of wood furniture decoration that makes it possible for to experiment with colors and patterns, designing eye-catching, 1-of-a-sort furnishings for your residence.

bungee cord

Bungee cords and ropes are excellent materials for furniture decoration

Wood furniture decoration suggestions

20 youngsters room decorating ideas, youngsters furnishings to revamp

Modern day kids furniture, painting tips for wood furnishings

Photographs by Lori Foy

entryway bench decorated with bungee cord

Straightforward furnishings decoration project transforms wooden entryway bench

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Tur Tur is a multifunctional modern day furniture design that reinvents standard home furnishings, combining a storage shelving unit with a big chair and providing handy space saving tips for modest residence or apartment decorating. Tur Tur is a distinctive furnishings design and style project developed Eric Degenhardt from Germany.

Tur Tur is a childrens perch, a treehouse-like furniture for a teenage bedroom decorating. Two levels up and underneath add a whimsical look to this inventive contemporary furniture design that shows elements of architecture. A steel frame with a soft cushion offer a comfortable chair on the top of this shelving unit.

The designer, based on Cologne, created the uncommon, multifunctional and space saving furniture piece that is a blend of a chair, a shelving unit for book storage and a staircase. The furnishings item can be made more comfy with a pendant light and styled with a wall clock or other hanging decorations and accessories.

Loft chair style for teenage bedroom

contemporary furniture combining chair, shelves and stairs

Contemporary chair with a shelving unit and stairs

Mr Tur Tur  is a exclusive furnishings design inspired by the illusionary giant from the story of Luke and the enginedriver by Michael Ende, the designer says.

The furnishings is created to maximize tiny spaces and produce functional and space saving little residence or apartment decorating, effectively utilizing the valuable floor area. The raised with a easy, industrial style steel frame and stairs, the chair creates a second level, freeing up floor space for a bed, one more chair or a computer deck.

unique furniture design idea for small spaces

Special furnishings design and style with a steel frame, space saving tips for small rooms

The small space inside the structure can be utilised for producing a closet, decorated with green indoor plants or modest furniture.

Huge hammock bed style with a canopy and caged pendant lights

Zen Circus chair design and style, hanging hammock chair for exercising

This surprising and original furniture design appears basic and sensible. Nearly neutral pastel green color and simplicity of its frame make the furniture design and style by Eric Degenhardt, versatile, appropriate for little office, library, teenage bedroom, tiny residence and apartment decorating.

contemporary chair design

Loft chair with a soft cushion, combining a seat with a shelving unit, stairs and a lighting fixture

Salvaged wood and wonderful craftsmanship turn metal and wooden pieces into lovely, a single-of-a-sort, wall lights, pendant lights and decor accessories, best for exclusive home decorating. Made of 60 – one hundred year old wood and metal pieces, 100 % green, these recycled crafts and home decorations appear like artworks.

Beautiful tables and other modern day furniture pieces created of salvaged wood and retired grape vines from premiere wine developing area in California. The American craftsman styles all sorts of exciting and wonderful art decor items from recycled items and reclaimed wood.

Producing the functional and quite decorative accessories and furniture pieces keeps the artist busy, exploring new patterns and designs for interior decorating. The amazing furnishings, wall lights and pendant lights, wooden decor accessories and wall decorations go to high end wineries, galleries and unique retailers.

Handmade decorations and unique furniture recycling wine barrels and old grape vines

wall decoration recycling salvaged wood

Wall decorations recycling wine barrels

Obtainable on, these wonderful artworks from Wine Country Craftman, delight and surprise, supplying an selection for customized and personalized interior decorating. Salvaged wood things really feel cozy and and comfy. Distinctive and eco friendly items produced with old wood and grape vines bring the warmth into interior decorating.

The artist and craftsman reuse and recycle wine barrels for upcycling salvaged wood and metal pieces into beautiful items for interior decorating. He uses every thing, from salvaged wood boards to corks and metal rings for making exclusive decorations.

unique furniture, glass top table with base created of old grape vine

Special furnishings, glass best table with wooden base created of old grape vines

These artworks have special charm and rustic really feel, perfect for bar style and decorating with fabulous modern day furnishings, decor accessories and lighting fixtures. Handmade and eco friendly, these goods bring enjoyable and detailed designs into interior decorating, generating surprising and comfortable, functional and stylish rooms.

wall decoration made with wine barrel rings

Wall decorations recycling wine barrel rings

Interior decorating with salvaged wood

21 green design concepts, reclaimed wood for interior decorating

Reclaimed wood wall tiles, modern wall decorating concepts from Everitt Schilling

25 handmade wood furniture design and style suggestions, modern salvages wood chairs, stools and benches

wood furniture, wine bottle rack

Wooden table with wine bottle rack made of salvaged wood from old wine barrels

unique lighting recycling wine barrel rings and wood unique lighting recycling wine barrels wall rack made of salvaged wood unique lighting made with grape vines and winde barrel rings eco friendly products recycling wood recycling wine barrels for wall decorations recycling wine barrel rings for wall decorations wall candle holder made of old metal unique lighting design recycling wine barrel rings wall decorations, shelves made of salvaged wood

Friday, February 12, 2016

Creative paper crafts for kids and adults are fantastic for designing handmade Christmas decorations and saving income on winter holiday decor. Soft and relaxing Christmas tree decorations created of craft paper are exceptional for bringing pleasant and quiet colors into vacation properties.

Geometric styles in soft pastel colors are wonderful for tender, peaceful and calming Christmas tree decorating. Beautiful colors, combined with rich green tones and sophisticated black appear beautiful and vibrant.

Handmade Christmas tree decorations and paper crafts really feel warm and look unique. Fascinating and creative paper crafts with geometric styles are a blend of traditional paper crafts and fresh Christmas tree decorating concepts.

Handmade Christmas decorations

geometric christmas ornaments made of craft paper

Geometric Christmas ornaments made of colorful craft paper

christmas tree decorations

Colorful Christmas tree decorations, paper crafts for little ones and adults

Hanging on green branches, handmade Christmas tree decorations generate a beautiful display. Paper crafts are fun and enrich winter vacation decor with original style and unusual geometric forms, sprucing up Christmas home decoration with surprising ornaments.

These handmade Christmas tree decorations are ideal for chandeliers and window decorating. They might beautifully adorn doors and walls also, generating colorful and impressive displays of paper crafts.

christmas tree decorations made of craft paper

Creative Christmas tree decorating concepts

Lush reside Christmas trees appear naturally stunning. Couple of handmade Christmas tree decorations and paper crafts add charming and colorful accents that are weightless and elegant.

Paper crafts for Christmas decorating

Recycling paper and creating snowflakes, Christmas crafts for youngsters and adults

Quilled paper crafts for little ones and adults, wonderful handmade Christmas decorations

These DIY geometric designs are beautiful paper crafts, and make beautiful winter holiday gifts also. Vibrant colors and soft pastel color tones create attractive mix with wealthy green color of Christmas tree branches and look fabulous.

colorful christmas crafts for kids and adults

Christmas crafts and paper tree decorations in vibrant colors

These beauties are from Field Guide Design, accessible from Etsy FieldGuideDesign, but you can style your personal paper ornaments and make original handmade Christmas tree decorations, enjoying these easy and colorful paper craft tips with kids.