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Interior decorating with stencils is a great, rapidly and affordable way to redesign your property, substantially changing the appear and feel of your room. Stencils are excellent for adding a personal touch to wall design and furniture decoration, bringing a lot more color and special pattern into your space.

Stenciling styles offer you limitless possibilities to develop fabulous wall decoration and wonderful furnishings pieces with colorful patterns or private signs in different shapes and colour combinations. Stenciling styles appear wonderful in complementing, analogous and monochromatic colors, turning wall style and furniture decoration into accurate art.

Stencils are well-known wall decoration strategy. Numerous lovely stencils can be bought at your local art supplies and property improvement stores, but self-made, handmade stencils are really simple to make and actually exclusive, demonstrating your talents, resourcefulness, creativity and individual style.

Stenciling images and pattens on wall and furnishings, 21 charming room decorating concepts

Modern interior decorating and home staging trends for 2012

white furniture decorated with floral designs and green leaf patterns

Painted wood furniture decorated with floral and green leaf patterns produced with stencils and appliques

Handmade stencils

Stencils can be produced of thin plastic or cardboard, covered with a couple of coat of paint. Select cardboard or plastic pieces that you can reduce with a craft knife. Make a sketch or handful of sketches for your stencils and choose the one particular you like. Cut it out with a sharp craft knife.

Employing a stencilы, you can mask irregularity and attractively decorate empty walls. Stencils are also wonderful for wallpapers. You can add the colour that matches your residence decor to wall paper pattern, making a harmonious and very individual interior.

bathtub decorated with stencils

Bathtub decoration with stencils, modern interior decorating tips

ten modern interior trends in decorating with stencils

1. empty wall decorating with stencils and appliques created of wallpaper or fabric

two. making use of stencils for adding color accents to old or modern day wallpaper patterns

3. interior window frame and door decoration with stencils

four. employing stencils for decorating bathtubs and residence appliances

5. stencils for glass decorating (glass doors, windows, glass decor accessories, glass wall shelves, etc.)

six. decorating lighting fixtures and lamp shades with stencils and fabric appliques

7. wood shelves and furniture decoration with stencils and fabric appliques

eight. modest interior decor accessories (vases, book holders, small wood shelves etc.) decorated with stenciling styles

9. distinctive ceiling styles created with stencils

10. Animals and birds photos are popular trends in decorating with stencils. Stencils designs, inspired by the nature,  floral and green leaf patterns, abstract decoration patterns and geometric styles are contemporary interior trends also. Classic and oriental patterns are ideal for classic and ethnic interior decorating.

table lamp decorating with floral stencils

Table lamp decorated with floral and green leaf patterns, contemporary interior decorating suggestions

Interior decorating with stencils is an economical, artistic and fascinating. Modern day stencils, combined with some patience and effort, drastically redesign your area, adding distinctive and intimate details to modern interior decorating.

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