Monday, February 8, 2016

Wonderful architectural interiors, striking space colors and bold decorating suggestions create this wonderful penthouse in Moscow. Architect Sergei Estrin designed spacious apartment with impressive, unusual and unforgettable interior style and decor in av avant-garde style. The apartment is not created as a permanent residence, but as a private place for entertaining where the owner can take pleasure in parties with close friends.

This penthouse looks futuristic and quite interesting. Impressive architectural interiors make a powerful statement. The living space feels exciting, inspired by a large ocean wave. Colorful interior design and style and decor in vibrant pink, red and blue colors look dramatic and produce a sense of a powerful flow that can wash all every day problems away.

The penthouse is divided into two components. An massive wave designed of glass separate the living room and dining location from kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. 14 m (46 ft) wide, more than 3 m (ten ft) height, this luminous turquoise wall design and style overshadows everything else in the space, adding a futuristic really feel to fabulous interior design and decor in avant-garde style.

Ocean wave inspired interior design and decorating concepts

penthouse design with glass wall design inspired by wave

Entertaining zone with glass wall design inspired by ocean waves

These architectural interiors are powerful and pricey. The Wave accent wall design is revolutionary and remarkable, adding to great, bold and modern look of penthouse interior design and fashionable apartment decorating.

The Wave wall style price handful of hundred thousand euros due to the exceptional complexity of curvy glass function. Bent glass components are produced in Germany for this penthouse design and style.

crystal chandelier and curvy glass wall design, bar table and stools in blue and pink colors

Massive curvy glass wall design, crystal chandelier and modern bar table with stools in pink and blue colors

living room design with curvy glass wall, interior design in avant garde style

Living area with glass wall style inspired by ocean waves, futuristic interior style in avant-garde style

Luxury apartments and penthouses

Glamorous penthouse interior design and style with mirrored walls and furniture

Contemporary property design and style with indoor garden, Broadway penthouse renovation

Parisian penthouse, apartment ideas, modern penthouses and interior design

living room furniture and interior design in avantgarde style

Pink and blue space colors, living space furniture and interior style in avant-garde style

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