Sunday, February 7, 2016

This handmade chair designed by London primarily based designer Valentina Gonzalez Wohlers is inspiring and motivating. Wild Bodged Chair might encourage you to experiment with reclaimed wood and branches, creating unique furnishings design and style for your home interiors and outside rooms.

Uncommon and eco friendly handmade chair is best for living space and porch. This beautiful and creative modern furnishings design will appear wonderful on your balcony and in the kitchen, and best for foyer decorating. Symbolic and fashionable, reclaimed wood chairs are eco friendly merchandise, superb for eco homes decorating.

The Wild Bodged Chair from Valentina Gonzales Wohlers, showcases an incredible craft, adding the flavor and beauty of Mexican woods to contemporary furnishings design and style. The handmade project responds to the anonymous and universal strategies of production, celebrating special furnishings design.

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Unique furnishings style, handmade chair

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The handmade wood chair collection is inspired by standard furnishings design materials and strategies of working with wood. Beautiful branches gave gorgeous look and dynamic really feel to wood chairs.

Wood branches of different lengths and thicknesses bring soft and charming curves into modern chair design. They demonstrate a silent dance of organic material following all-natural rhythms and generating exclusive furniture for eco residences.

handmade furniture design

Handmade wood furnishings for interior decorating and outside rooms

unique furniture design idea

Wood chair produced of branches

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