Saturday, February 13, 2016

Tur Tur is a multifunctional modern day furniture design that reinvents standard home furnishings, combining a storage shelving unit with a big chair and providing handy space saving tips for modest residence or apartment decorating. Tur Tur is a distinctive furnishings design and style project developed Eric Degenhardt from Germany.

Tur Tur is a childrens perch, a treehouse-like furniture for a teenage bedroom decorating. Two levels up and underneath add a whimsical look to this inventive contemporary furniture design that shows elements of architecture. A steel frame with a soft cushion offer a comfortable chair on the top of this shelving unit.

The designer, based on Cologne, created the uncommon, multifunctional and space saving furniture piece that is a blend of a chair, a shelving unit for book storage and a staircase. The furnishings item can be made more comfy with a pendant light and styled with a wall clock or other hanging decorations and accessories.

Loft chair style for teenage bedroom

contemporary furniture combining chair, shelves and stairs

Contemporary chair with a shelving unit and stairs

Mr Tur Tur  is a exclusive furnishings design inspired by the illusionary giant from the story of Luke and the enginedriver by Michael Ende, the designer says.

The furnishings is created to maximize tiny spaces and produce functional and space saving little residence or apartment decorating, effectively utilizing the valuable floor area. The raised with a easy, industrial style steel frame and stairs, the chair creates a second level, freeing up floor space for a bed, one more chair or a computer deck.

unique furniture design idea for small spaces

Special furnishings design and style with a steel frame, space saving tips for small rooms

The small space inside the structure can be utilised for producing a closet, decorated with green indoor plants or modest furniture.

Huge hammock bed style with a canopy and caged pendant lights

Zen Circus chair design and style, hanging hammock chair for exercising

This surprising and original furniture design appears basic and sensible. Nearly neutral pastel green color and simplicity of its frame make the furniture design and style by Eric Degenhardt, versatile, appropriate for little office, library, teenage bedroom, tiny residence and apartment decorating.

contemporary chair design

Loft chair with a soft cushion, combining a seat with a shelving unit, stairs and a lighting fixture

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