Saturday, January 16, 2016

Creative glass recycling ideas show how to reuse and recycle bulbs and test tubes, turning them into desirable glass vases. Decorating with flowers look fresh and pleasant. Glass recycling permits to save funds and add eye-catching green styles to residence decorating with flowers.

Little glass vases look gorgeous and suitable in any space. Glass recycling is a excellent way to style exclusive glass vases for a dinner table or shelf in a living room. Glass vases made of bulbs or test tubes appear superb in bathroom or hallways.

These modest glass vases add elegant details to area decor. They can be utilized individually or grouped on test tube racks for creative home decorating with flowers. Glass bulbs and test tubes can e combined with each other, generating wonderful displays with flowers or green leaves.

Glass recycling suggestions for making distinctive vases

large bulb vase for table decorating with flowers

Glass vase made of employed bulb, inventive glass recycling concepts for decorating with flowers

Whether you use numerous glass bulbs or test tubes in different sizes, colors and shapes or combine comparable items, a unique flower arrangements look lovely.

Chandeliers and wall lights can be decorated with these handmade glass vases and flowers, bringing romantic mood into your rooms. Adding wire and wood to bulbs and test tubes let to develop fabulous vases and flower arrangements, offering numerous glass recycling suggestions for eco homes.

river pebbles and glass tube vases with flowers

Decorative wall panel with river pebbles and glass test tubes utilized as vases for flowers

Look at Lushome collection of handmade glass vases created of used bulbs and test tubes, and use these glass recycling suggestions as your inspirations for making unique gifts and house decorations, turning glass bulbs and test tubes into fabulous, original and stylish decorative accessories.

Hanging residence decorations, recycling glass test tubes for interior decorating in eco style

Contemporary floor lamp blending lighting style and glass plant terrarium

You can decorate glass bulbs and test tubes with tree barks, leaves, fabric or paint them any color and hang them on the wall, chandelier, wall lights or specially developed decorative wall panel, these great handmade residence decorations will make any room appear charming.

hanging vase made of glass bulb

Hanging glass vase made of utilised bulb, creative property decorating with flowers

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