Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Lovely interior design ideas turn a property in Tallinn into a gorgeous retreat, supplying peaceful and stylish residence interiors for anxiety-free way of life. The modern day house is situated in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia and provides a pleasant property surrounded by pine trees producing wonderful atmosphere for residents that take pleasure in privacy and quiet atmosphere.

The contemporary home design is a project by architectural firm Arch-D built by Talsar Ehitus, creating a beautiful urban villa that feels sophisticated, welcoming and luxurious, even though reflecting the taste and preferences of customers. The home design, exterior and house interiors create a fantastic property merging with organic surroundings in harmony and style.

The modern day property design features two rectangular volumes connected by a gorgeous transparent insert. The property exterior design and style shows an attractive blend of numerous organic supplies, – regional stone slate, heat-treated ash wood and glass that work collectively producing this lovely home.

house exterior design with glass walls

Modern home exterior with glass walls

Decorating with glass surfaces creates a sense of unity with nature and brightens up modern home interiors. Big windows and glass walls contrast with wooden walls and stone components at night, generating this home design appear extremely desirable in the dark.

The color palette is inspired by pine tree bark, and add one more element of modern interior style that connect these property interiors with surrounding landscape and harmoniously blend the home exterior with the nature.

Contemporary interior style with stone, glass and wood

modern interior design, glass walls and wooden floor

Modern interior style with glass walls and wood floors

The metal, glass and wood staircase style connects two floors and add a fabulous architectural element to home interiors with glass walls. Vibrant and contemporary staircase style looks light and weightless, adding a floating really feel to property interiors.

Sustainable architectural design for Urban serene life-style

Hunting lodge interior design and decor blending urban luxury and boyhood atmosphere

The 1st floor characteristics two zones separated by a staircase. The living area with a dramatic stone fireplace,  dining space and kitchen interiors produce an open and spacious living space. The guest area, home workplace, bathroom and utility space are located on the first floor also.

large stone fireplace design

Huge stone fireplace style

Two bedrooms with en suite bathrooms and a dressing space are positioned on the second floor. Gorgeous, created of stone and wooden walls, develop quite appealing architectural interiors with glass elements, blending modern interior style with the nature and offering privacy. The rooms and outside terrace floors are created of the very same material. The heat-treated ash wood floors bring continuity into exterior and interior design and style, expanding property interiors to outside rooms.

living room design with wooden wall and floor

Living area design with wooden wall and floor

modern kitchen design

Modern day kitchen design

glass wall design and staircase

Metal, glass and wood staircase and glass wall design and style

modern bedroom design with sliding glass doors modern bathroom design modern bathroom design with glass door

Property exterior design and style and landscaping

house exterior and landscaping modern house surrounded by pine trees

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