Saturday, January 9, 2016

Recycled crafts that turn metal or plastic bottle cups into handmade decorations and playful jewelry pieces are excellent concepts for youngsters and adults that aid declutter your home and save our environment while producing charming Green styles.

Bottle caps are a excellent material for wall decorating and producing special decorations for your fridge door, plant pots or serving trays. Bottle caps are exceptional for making playful and colorful jewelry pieces, a way to explore inventive recycled craft tips.

Bottle caps can be utilized for table top decoration that adds a splash of color and original style to your furnishings pieces. Metal caps are best for making miniature candle centerpieces that look elegant, uncommon and exciting.

Recycling bottle caps for furniture decoration

table top decoration with bottle caps

Colorful furniture decoration with bottle caps, special style on a table top

Recycling bottle caps for wall decorating

kitchen backsplash design

Inventive wall decorating with bottle caps, colorful kitchen backsplash design

Here is a collection of nice ideas for recycling bottles caps for handmade property decorations and jewelry, like pendants with little photographs.

Artistic methods to recycle bottle caps, recycled crafts for little ones

Handmade Christmas decorations and suggestions for cheap eco friendly gifts

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