Saturday, January 30, 2016

A book with stylish, fabulous and costly dog clothing is made by a photographer Paul Nathan. Images of ideal-dressed dogs, their owners and the couturiers who design custom made outfits for dogs impress and amuse. Even though socializing with the Bohemian pets, Nathan photographed gorgeous dogs and their owners wearing matching outfits.

The photographer visited the houses of doggie moms with stroll-in closets for their pets filled with fashionable dog garments and accessories. He chose and invited fifteen dogs to his studio along with their favorite couture outfits to pose for this book.

The result is an wonderful collection of glamorous photos that can make you really feel slightly depressed and jealous. There are men and women who commit far more on their dog clothes and accessories than most men and women do on their own.

Glamorous dog garments and accessories

msall dog clothes and accessories

Lovely custom produced dog garments decorated with glass beads

The book Couture Dogs of New York is about dogs and individuals with an excess of money, time and really like to give to their pets.

Some of Bohemian dog clothes and accessories are extremely more than the prime. Some designs can give inspirations for generating lovely outfits for dogs and cats for a unique occasion and for entertaining.

hand made dog clothes and accessories

Handmade dog garments and accessories, exciting style for pets

Pet clothing, accessories and styling suggestions

Fashionable style suggestions fir furry pets

Small dog garments style ideas, cute sweaters

 Adidas sportswear and sneakers for little dogs, fun pet style concepts

handmade dog hats

Bohemian dog accessories, handmade hats

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