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Modern interior design trends modify really speedily, and it takes lots of time, money and effort to follow them, adding modern flavor and stylish appear to our home interiors. Some interior style trends are spectacular but also expansive. Here are five modern day interior design trends for 2013 that are proven to be sensible and hassle-free, generating gorgeous and stylish houses.

Modern day interior design trends 2013 incorporate trendy room colors, floor and wall decoration methods and fascinating materials, as properly as distinctive house decorating concepts that add personality to interiors.

Top 5 modern interior style trends 2013 are vibrant colour accents, combined with neutral background, wall stickers, 3d wall tiles, cork and bamboo flooring suggestions, original and uncommon furnishings or decor accessories in modern, art deco, ethnic or vintage style.

5 modern day interior design and style trends 2013

living room design with red accents and ethnic wall decorations

Contemporary interior design and style trends contain vibrant and neutral color mixture, special and ethnic interior decor

1. Neutral color with bold color accents for interior decorating

Neutral color is an excellent choice for producing contemporary interior design in 2013. Beige, off-white and yellow cream, khaki or sand tones, and all gray colour shades are timeless choices for elegant space colors. Combined with bright color accents and bold decor accessories, neutral colour shades generate intrigue, spicing up modern day interiors.

Red colour accents are classy, dynamic and festive. Dark red colour shades and reddish purple and reddish pink colour hues are superb for modern day colour design and style in 2013. Red accents brighten up contemporary interior style color combinations 2013, bringing power and excitement into property interiors, specifically kitchens, children rooms and living rooms.

Decorative accents in royal blue colour shades, deep and rich tones of indigo and sapphire blue colour are modern day interior design trends 2013 in decorating home offices and family rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms.

bedroom decorating with neutral color and red accents

Modern day interior design trends and room colors, neutral colour and red accents mixture for bedroom decorating

2. Wall stickers and creative interior decorating concepts

Mirror wall stickers and vinyl stickers for wall decoration are contemporary interior style trends 2013 that offer income saving, rapid and simple diy house decorating suggestions.

mirror sticker for living room decorating

Exciting mirror sticker for modern day living room decorating

Mirror wall stickers are especially fascinating decorative accessories, blending functionality and exciting style.

Vinyl wall stickers, two new creative and modern wall decorating concepts

Mirror sticker, wall decor suggestions for spacious room design

three. Cork and bamboo flooring ideas

Traditional soft and difficult wood floor and laminate are contemporary interior design and style trends 2013. However, cork and bamboo flooring tips acquire recognition, bringing comfort and distinctive feel of eco properties into modern day interiors.

flooring ideas and interior trends

Stunning cork floor, eco friendly interior design trends 2013

Modern and eco friendly, cork and bamboo flooring tips differ in textures and colors, supplying many desirable decorating concepts for sustainable design of beautiful, comfy and healthful eco houses.

modern wood floor in living room

Modern interior design trends in flooring, bamboo floor

4. 3d wall tiles adding depth to contemporary interior style

3d wall tiles created of various organic, recycled and eco friendly supplies are lovely, economical and fashionable trends 2013 in wall decoration. 3d wall design adjustments the way an interior appears and feels, reflecting light and emphasizing distinctive and modern day interior design.

red tile designs for interior decorating

Red colour accents and 3d wall tile designs, contemporary interior design trends 2013

modern wall design with 3d tiles in bright colors

Modern day wall style with 3d tiles in bright colors, modern interior style

5. Original furnishings and decor accessories

Making interest with eye-catching combinations of decoration patterns and complimenting area colors are classic interior trends that are well-known and timeless. Original decor accessories, special furniture, ethnic interior design and style details and architectural components are the most intriguing contemporary interior style trends 2013 that make stylish decor really feel extremely personal.


Colorful and distinctive ethnic interior decorating accessories

Ethnic interior decorating concepts and designer furniture or decor accessories, special lighting, handmade home decorations and wall artworks, wall clocks, curtains and decorative pillows, embroidery and knitted upholstery or one-of-a-type collections are modern interior design trends 2013 that develop pleasant and inviting, stylish and lovely residences that really feel intimate and comfy.

black and white lamp shade and blue vases

Decoration patterns combinations, neutral color shades, inventive mirror sticker styles and stylish color accents, contemporary interior design and style trends in 2013

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