Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Floating Tap Fountains appear beautiful, generating magical illusions and surprising with an unusual floating in the air look. Water fountains add beauty and elegance to landscaping ideas, turning outdoor spaces into pleasant retreats. Every person enjoys water fountains, ponds and waterfalls that make landscaping tips more fascinating, dynamic and dimensional.

The floating tap fountain is a creative and remarkable optical illusion. It consists of a faucet mysteriously hovering above a pool with an endless provide of water gushing out of it. The faucet remains surprisingly steady regardless of having no visible assistance. This unusual, revolutionary and spectacular impact is achieved by a transparent tube in the middle of the water column that holds the tap in place.

The column keeps feeding the fountain with water pumped from beneath. The water goes up through the tube and exits at the best, creating these fabulous contemporary water functions. The water column, which is usually turbulent, efficiently hides the transparent tube from view, delighting and surprising children and adults with incredible fountain design.

Great water fountains

floating tap fountain in spain

Floating Tap Fountain in Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain.

Several giant floating tap fountains can be found in Spain, Belgium, England, US and Canada. Some are permanent installations, others are short-term artworks.

The sight of water brings tranquility into landscaping, and the sound of water calms and adds to aesthetic appeal of garden styles. Modern water fountains are great characteristics that show inventive forms and surprise with revolutionary design and style suggestions.

red tap fountain

Remarkable Floating Tap Fountain in Santa Galdana, Menorca

It is quite relaxing to sit at waters edge and listen to the sound of operating water. And it is exciting to see magic illusions developed with Floating Tap Fountains. These incredible water characteristics generate wonderful central points of garden styles.

Water fountains, front yard and backyard styles

Tsukubai water fountains, Japanese garden design concepts

Modern day wall fountains for tranquil interior decorating and house staging

Tap-shaped Floating Fountains look whimsical and fabulous. The water flows from mysteriously floating in the air taps into the pools, and it seems that the taps do not have any attachment to the ground. Take a look at these short-term magic faucets that are installed as gigantic decorations in various gardens across the globe.

water faucet fountain and bucket

Water faucet fountain

blue tap fountain

Floating Tap Fountain in blue and red, situated in Ypres, Belgium

pink tap fountain ar flower show

Temporary Magic Tap Fountain at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, London

Golden tap fountain in Switzerland

Golden tap fountain in Switzerland

Magic faucet fountain in Wisconsin, USA

Magic faucet fountain in Wisconsin, USA

large tap fountain

Gigantic faucet fountain at Aquafest, Grand Bend, Canada

water tap fountain

Magic tap fountain Magic Floating Water Tap Fountain, Ripley Museum, Ocean City, Maryland

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