Saturday, January 30, 2016

An remarkable green building style with mossy walls and plants expanding on exterior walls around windows is from French architects  that significantly transformed a one hundred year old mansion in Amiens into an impressive and eco friendly contemporary workplace constructing.

Large windows of this office constructing, created by French studio Chartier-Corbasson Architectes, appear beautiful and contemporary, generating at eye-catching architectural style with mossy walls and piles of stone beside an old mansion in Northern France.

Scattered across the green walls with vertical gardens, these impressive windows provide glimpses inside the new six story green building that accommodates the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Market for Picardy.

contemporary architectural designs with wall gardens

Contemporary architectural design and style, green constructing with vertical gardens in France

architectural design with plants and moss on walls

Green building with plants increasing on walls

Green building design and style

Green developing Villa Sera, sustainable design if the future

 Green building with vertical gardens and modern spaces to reside and function

Architects drew their inspiration from the Japanese-style garden that surrounds the house. The choice of plants growing in this remarkable green building walls was guided by the aesthetic appeal that enhances the modern day architectural design.

contemporary architectural design, exterior with green plants

Contemporary workplace constructing design and style with plants and moss on exterior walls

architectural design with wall garden

Architectural style transforming an old mansion into contemporary green creating with vertical gardens

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