Friday, January 29, 2016

A sleeping loft is a inventive and functional solution for small spaces. Modern day home design and style with a sleeping loft is a way to stretch current modest spaces. A sleeping loft gives old property redesign or residence staging a dynamic feel and add a modern appear to little rooms although generating tiny spaces more comfortable and desirable.

LASC Studio, redesigned the old residence into a set of modern day house interiors with a sleeping loft and translucent walls, adding a wooden loft structure that hovers more than the living room. The sleeping loft gives an extra bedroom with an appealing translucent enclosure.

A big wooden loft, suspended from the ceiling by steel rods, appears bright and comfortable with translucent walls. The translucent enclosure reveals merely shadows of what takes place behind, adding to romantic charm of the modern day residence extension.

Suspended from the ceiling loft design and style

suspended from the ceiling loft design

Sleeping loft structure, suspended from the ceiling by thin steel rods

Illuminated at night translucent walls bring light into the living room, generating uncommon atmosphere and a pleasant sense of openness in the Cloudy House in Copenhagen.

The loft structure contains a compact wooden ladder that add fun to playful and light home design. The concrete floor provides a sturdy base for the ladder, connecting old and new residence structures.

living room with loft bed

Living area style with a loft bed

The ladder connects the old house and the new extension structure with translucent walls and a floating in the air, a cloud-like sleeping loft, creating a lot more functional and modern day small rooms.

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bedding for sleeping loft

Contemporary loft, suspended in living room

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