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Paper snowflakes are fantastic handmade Christmas decorations. You can tape paper snowflakes to a window for a good winter decoration or paste them onto a piece of folded paper for a wonderful winter card. Paper snowflakes, bells and stars can create beautiful, delicate and weightless Christmas garlands that look wonderful on the ceiling and walls, mirrors and windows.

To make these decorations you will require white paper, scissors, a protractor (optional), glitter and glue in case you make a mistake. Real snowflakes have six sides, so you want to fold a piece of paper into sixths.

Fold a piece of paper in half. Fold over a single side, then the other, to make two 60 degree folds. You can do this by eye, or you can use a protractor.

Handmade paper snowflakes for Christmas decorating

handmade paper snowflakes for ceiling decoration

Handmade Christmas decorations and craft tips, paper snowflakes

Reduce off the edges of the paper in an arc.  This makes a circle, if you had been to unfold the paper. Cut a lot of the paper away, following your snowflake design and style.

Unfold your snowflake cautiously and use for Christmas decorating. Glitter can be added to your handmade Christmas decorations to develop vibrant and festive appear.

making paper snowflakes for christmas window decoration

White paper snowflakes for winter decoration, handmade Christmas decorations

how to make paper snowflake

How to fold and make paper snowflakes

You can experiments with diofferent sizes, paper varieties and shapes and add several paper snowflakes, stars and hearts decorations for winter vacation decor. Handmade Christmas decorations are not only desirable, but eco friendly, best for decorating eco homes and emphasizing the spirit of green holidays.

large snowflake decoration

Massive 3d paper snowflake, lovely handmade Christmas decorations

Huge paper snowflakes and star decorations, paper garlands produced with them and 3d star or snowflake designs are impressive. These chic Christmas decorations make a statement, add fashionable information to your Christmas decor and produce gorgeous centerpieces.

Recycling paper and generating snowflakes, winter craft suggestions for little ones and adults

Quilled paper crafts for little ones and adults, remarkable handmade Christmas decorations

Paper snowflakes and star decorations, Nordic design inspirations for eco friendly Christmas decor

how to make paper garlands of snowflakes and starss

How to make paper snowflakes and stars garlands for Christmas decorating

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