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Christmas property decoration concepts that creatively blend old traditions with innovative styles and new components look exciting and extremely desirable. Handmade wreath chandeliers are a novel Christmas residence decoration concepts that add standard Christmas wreaths to holiday decor in an unexpected and spectacular way.

Christmas home decoration ideas usually incorporate making Christmas wreaths, but this clever concept to use standard Christmas decorations for creating wreath chandeliers adds fresh and impressive design to winter holiday decor.

You can make just one particular tiny or massive wreath chandelier for your Christmas residence decoration or design a enormous chandelier with two and three Christmas wreaths in various sizes. Created of green branches or artificial  Christmas wreaths are fantastic for this spectacular Christmas decoration project.

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Christmas wreaths in any sizes can be utilised for creating chandelier wreath styles, but if you use larger or smaller sized wreath sizes you want to make adjustments to the ribbon length and a ceiling hook size.

hanging christmas wreaths for holiday decor

Hanging Christmas wreath chandeliers, inventive winter vacation decoration thought

How to make these decorations

To make these decorations of two wreaths you will want 22-inch wreaths and 28-inch wreaths, 50-60 feet of wired ribbon, scissors and a ceiling hook.

1. Cut and knot wired ribbons for little and massive wreaths

For a modest Christmas wreath cut three wired ribbon pieces about five-feet in length. With the wreath facing up, tie ribbon to the wire frame of the wreath at equal intervals. Collect and knot the 3 ribbon pieces collectively about 15 inches above the wreath.

For a larger wreath, you will want to cut 3 pieces of ribbon about 6 ½ feet lengthy. Space them evenly round the wreath, and knot them to the wire frame at equal intervals. Collect and knot them about 20 inches above the wreath. Place a knot at the prime end of the hanger ribbons.

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2. Put modest and big wreaths collectively

Place the bigger wreath on top of the smaller wreath, aligning the hanger ribbons. The knot from the little wreath need to be in the exact same location as the knot from the large wreath. Gather ribbons of both Christmas wreaths together, and knot them 20 inches above the center of the big wreath. Trim the ends of the hanger ribbons above the prime knot to produce a completed appear of your lovely Christmas chandelier.

hanging christmas wreath with candles and flowers

Hanging Christmas wreath with candles and flowers for ceiling

three. Attach Christmas wreath chandelier to ceiling

Screw your hook into the ceiling, and hang the Christmas wreath chandelier from the leading hanger-ribbon knot.

4. Add bows and Christmas decorations to your wreath chandelier

After your Christmas wreath chandelier in the air, you can add exclusive Christmas decorations to it. Pine cones and berries, battery-operated Christmas lights, colorful bows and ribbons are superb for designing original and impressive Christmas decoration.

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