Monday, January 4, 2016

Italian interior style suggestions enrich modern day interiors with elegance and style. When Genova-based firm Grooppo renovated an old flat in an 1870s constructing in Savona, Italy, designers had been looking to update the traditional living spaces with contemporary fixtures and an energy-effective heating method, creating comfortable house with modern day interior style and decor.

The architects at Grooppo, never lost sight of the conventional functions of the classic Italian home  and aimed to bring out the peculiarities of the original old constructing. Every single of modern day interiors characteristics a various tiled floor that supports classic Italian interior design concepts.

Unglazed porcelain hexagonal tiles reflect conventional Italian interior style tips and carry the old Italian home theme from one particular area to the subsequent, producing a continuous but subtly changing, comfortable and modern house interiors.

Standard Italian interior design with floor tiles

floor tiles for living room design

Italian floor tiled for living area design

Throughout the property, the designers incorporated antique furnishings and decor accessories, connecting the traditions if Italian interior style with fresh ideas.

Original and exclusive decor items bring a flavor of the region into modern day interior design and decor, adding character and Italian charm to renovated living spaces.

Italian tile designs from Roberto Cavalli


Incredible ancient home redesign and interior decorating with antiques

Italian interior design and style style, modern day furnishings and lighting suggestions


italian floor tiles

Lovely Italian floor tiles for interior style


white kitchen cabinets and dining furniture set

Kitchen design and style with white kitchen cabinets and Italian floor tiles in black and white

Photography by Anna Positano

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