Sunday, January 3, 2016

Wood coasters are outstanding eco gifts and fantastic residence accessories that are functional and intriguing. Handmade wood coasters, created of tree trunks or branches are inexpensive and lovely, providing eco friendly goods and creative designs for modern day houses.

Saw off thin slices of birch wood and use them as coasters or decorate them with carving and easy drawings to customize your coaster style tips. You can not locate any less expensive house accessories and gifts that are appealing, practical and original like handmade wood coasters.

You only want birch wood, a saw and glue to make charming coasters for your house or gifts. You can saw off thin slices of wood straight or diagonally, modifying your wood coaster design and style tips.

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Thin birch wood coaster design and style

thin wood slice as coaster

Handmade wood coasters produced of thin wood slices

To make positive the coasters got straight it is far better saw all around and then gently towards the center turning the branch each and every handful of seconds.

Thin slices of wood look great with no any additional decoration. If you like to style thick wood coasters, take into account adding inventive carving ornaments and decoration patterns to your coaster design and style.

coaster design ideas

Basic coaster style suggestions from Morning Creativity blog

thin wood slices used as coasters

Thin wood slices used as coasters

sawing wood slices

Sawing wood slices

Handmade wood coaster style concepts

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