Friday, January 15, 2016

Window curtains for private apartment, Deluge 3D Curtains, which has been developed by Ooze Architects, surprise and delight with scenic landscape prints. These window curtains have been created for living space and bedrooms in an apartment at the seaside of Knokke, Belgium.

Designers created 3 layers of voile window curtains for living space with a lovely view, working as a 3D panorama. Special window curtains function distinct boats on every single layer, drawn by Eric Klarenbeek, adding depth to living space style.

The backside view of he apartment is poor due to the facing housing block. Consequently designers developed two layers of window curtains. Thick, light absorbing curtain with the dutch dunes, and a sheer curtain layer of a thin voile with plants and animals create a beautiful set for window decorating.

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creative window decorating ideas

Inventive window decorating concepts, landscape print on window curtains producing fashionable 3d illusion

Window curtains prints are inspired by photographs by Eric Klarenbeek on the island Texel in the Netherlands. Specifically at night it is difficult to distinguish regardless of whether pictures on window curtains are genuine or virtual, providing you a feeling of getting in a position to step out of your door, proper in the fields, designers say.

Often, the subsequent ideal factor to possessing extraordinary views is pretending it exists. Studio Eric Klarenbeek, made unusual and original window curtains, the Deluge 3D Curtains that add a stunning panoramic views to room design and style, perfect for creative interior decorating or house staging.

boat prints on window curtain

Boat prints on window curtains making lovely 3d illusion, innovative window decorating ideas

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Unusual window treatments with nature inspired prints that develop 3d illusion of gorgeous views

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