Monday, January 25, 2016

Incredible decorative pillows, vases and wall decor created of colorful leather scraps are a inventive way of recycling old leather accessories and garments, bags, gloves, belts and jackets. Leather recycled crafts make beautiful home decorations and gifts.

Leather is a wealthy and quite decorative material. Interior decorating, spiced up with handmade decorations developed of leather scraps, appears refined and exclusive. Decorative pillows, vases and wall decor are suitable for virtually any interior decorating style and look gorgeous in any area, from office to bedroom or living area.

Recycling leather scraps house decorations and gifts appear pricey, original and extremely specific. Handmade decorations add character to interior decorating whilst demonstrating creativity and original style.

Recycling leather scraps for handmade decorations

recycling leather for handmade decorations

Handmade decorations recycling leather scraps, inventive interior decorating ideas

It is easy to find out how to make decorations of leather and recycle your old accessories or clothing, adding low cost and impressive accents to your interior decorating tips.

Old and employed leather accessories, handbags, gloves, jackets and even shoes, all sort of leather scraps in numerous colors are a excellent material for recycled crafts which let to design tiny or huge, 1-of-a-kind residence decorations and gifts.

wall art recycling leather scraps

Handmade wall art, flower styles recycling leather scraps

Leather scraps add unique texture and color and develop beautiful, fashionable and upkeep-cost-free residence decorations. Surprising and attractive, easy to clean and inexpensive, these hand produced decorations make a statement and add character to interior decorating.

leather pillow on shelf

Decorative pillows recycling leather scraps, modern interior decorating concepts

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Colorful Leather Parrot, recycling leather scraps for handmade decorations

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