Sunday, January 10, 2016

Joe Pires’s hangar house in Florida, USA functions an uncommon, enormous garage door that impress folks by its size and unbelievable style. The five auto garage door is a component of the house facade with a porch, and it appears dramatic when lifted.

Right here is a collection of photographs that demonstrate how this amazing garage wall functions. Appear at them to believe that such residence exterior style is possible and exists. Hunting extremely ordinary hangar residence in Florida demonstrates this feature when owners need to have to use their vehicles.

The house belongs to inventive and innovative folks who wanted to add a unique door to their big garage, spicing up and enhancing the knowledge of utilizing it. Once a garage door begins to lift, the component of the property facade with a porch, front door, windows, fence and pillars moves up.

Residence exterior design and style with lift garage door

house exterior design

Home exterior style

house exterior wall with porch

Residence exterior wall with a porch, windows, pillars and fence begins to lift

The lifted part of the house exterior reveals the large garage interior with parked vehicles inside. The garage door is perfectly camouflaged, providing the home exterior an ordinary look.

5 car garage Opened five auto garage[/caption]

exterior wall that lifts

Exterior wall structure, lifted as a garage door, revealing parked automobiles

Property exterior style concepts

Modern day exterior painting colors, vintage wine exterior paint

Feng Shui suggestions for property exterior styles

Lavish residence exterior design tips with Frank Lloyd Wright feel

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