Thursday, January 7, 2016

Recycling paper material and simplicity of cardboard furnishings style create functional furnishings that typically lack an aesthetic appeal. These eco friendly items can be improved by adding printed photos of original Victorian furniture and classy black-n-white color mixture, Prasanna Sankhe says.

The Victorian Chair-Eco Remix functions an image of a classic Victorian chair, adding the timeless and elegant design and style to contemporary chairs created of recycled cardboard. Furniture in vintage style is inspiring. The blend of a recycled material and a look of a chair in classic style is revolutionary, exciting and uncommon.

The chair is produced of 5-ply corrugated boards and show a inventive way of recycling paper. Light weight and straightforward style make the chair desirable for eco friendly interiors decorated with exclusive vintage charm.

Recycling paper chair surprising with Victorian furnishings look

cardboard chair with victorian chair look

Modern chair produced of cardboard with Victorian chair print

The cardboard chair weights two kg (about five lbs) and can support up to 120 kg. The black-n-white colour combination appears dramatic. The strong contrast, emphasized by gorgeous curves, turns a straightforward chair into a centerpiece that makes a sturdy visual statement.

The chair is created by Prasanna Sankhe from Hyphen product agency, based in Mumbai. The Victorian Chair – Eco Remix comes for $ 110 plus shipping. This restricted edition chair is accessible only via pre-booking at

modern chairs made of recycled cardboard

Victorian chair print

cardboard chair in vintage style

Recycling paper for creating contemporary chairs in vintage style

Cardboard furniture style ideas

Recycling paper and cardboard for modern chair, exclusive furniture style notion

Cardboard furnishings collection Prejudice

Recycling paper for amazing cardboard room furniture and decor accessories

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