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Contemporary dressing tables and writing desks developed for Ligne Roset bring functional asymmetry into furnishings style. Asymmetry gives familiar bedroom and home office furnishings pieces a fresh and fashionable appear and a modern feel. Asymmetrical furniture design and style suggestions that blend functionality with stylish appearance, are modern design and style trends that demonstrates original and fascinating options.

Modern furniture collections from Ligne Roset present a variety of asymmetric furnishings pieces, from dressing tables to writing desks and coffee tables, which appear elegant and additional comfortable to use. The asymmetrical writing desk Litho, created and hand created by Thibault Desombre looks bold, marrying impeccable woodworking craft, vibrant yellow color and creativity.

This writing desk is blend of art and functionality demonstrating an artistic approach to contemporary furnishings style. The designer plays with components, shaping and making asymmetrical desk with subtle oak legs and a handy storage space. The left side of the writing desk features a drawer, covered with oak veneer. To produce a bold contrast, the correct side of this writing desk is covered with yellow varnish.

wood furniture, contemporary writing desk for small spaces

Contemporary furnishings design for modest spaces, wooden writing desk with yellow table top

Parisian designer Evangelos Vasileiou made the dressing table JULIETTE for Ligne Roset, adding asymmetry to contemporary furniture piece. This dressing table rests on four graceful black legs, reminding elegant stilettos.

The dressing table best features a massive drawer for storage and a flip portion with a huge mirror. The dressing table is created of American walnut wood veneer that provides it elegance and warmth.

contemporary dressing table with flip mirror and large drawer

Contemporary furnishings design for bedroom decorating, wooden dressing table with a huge drawer and a flip best with a mirror

German designers Peter Christian Hertel and Sebastian Klarhoefer (Hertel & Klarhoefer) made asymmetrical laptop desk NOTULE for Ligne Roset. This is a contemporary furnishings piece that attractively blends its compact size with functionality.

contemporary computer desk with drawers

Modern home office furniture style, the pc desk that can be utilised as a dressing table

The computer desk NOTULE has an sufficient perform surface and provides multiple storage options. This is a very functional modern furnishings style. The pc desk can be utilized as a dressing table.

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Home office, modern furnishings design, huge concepts for little spaces

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