Saturday, January 2, 2016

A birdhouse with a perch and shaped like a horn loudspeaker will delight you with amplified bird songs and add a fantastic garden decoration to your outdoor living spaces. The Nature Speaker birdhouse design and style looks desirable and playful. It is comfy for modest birds and delivers a nice and inventive way to cheer up your backyard ideas with bird chirping.

This ceramic birdhouse is created by Eun Ji Lee. It invites feathered pals with a tiny twig-like perch on one finish and opens up like a megaphone to the other side, amplifying beautiful bird chirping sounds. The asymmetrical horn loudspeaker shape of the Nature Speaker birdhouse causes the songs of modest birds to echo and grow to be louder.

Creative birdhouses are stunning backyard suggestions. This fabulous birdhouse style is a lovely proof of birds presence. Amplified chirping can assist to drown out the sounds of passing autos and add charming music of the nature to your backyard design and style.

Musical birdhouse style

megaphone shaped birdhouse made of ceramic

Megaphone shaped ceramic birdhouse for amplifying bird songs

The birdhouse will offer you a protected retreat for the small birds, attracting them to your backyard. Lovely bird songs will generate a peaceful and soothing atmosphere, best for relaxation.

Creative birdhouse style concepts

DIY tree residence style idea permitting to watch nesting birds, wonderful backyard suggestions

Contemporary birdhouse design and style suggestions from Canadian designers

Birdhouse integrated in ceramic roof tile updates classic roofing material

ceramic birdhouse with perch in white color

White ceramic birdhouse with a tiny twig-like perch

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