Sunday, January 24, 2016

Creative craft tips for recycling wine bottle corks stretch the enjoyable. Collecting utilized wine bottle corks and recycling them for pretty handmade table decorations let to add customized accents to your subsequent party table decor and show your creativity. Generating funny characters of wine bottle corks are an outstanding idea for these who are not drinking wine at your celebration table.

These cute Corkers Robots produced with wine bottle corks and a few plastic parts are designed by Reddish Studio, that delivers distinct sets of plastic arms and legs for making robot-like characters. The plastic components can be combined in different combinations, creating 4 robots Luke, Willy, Yuri and Bella, or customized characters as you wish.

Every robot has character and tends to make an exciting, amusing and uncommon table decoration to talk about. The complete collection of Corkers Robots is anticipated to price $ 30, and a set of components for producing 1 robot will cost about $ 8.

Robots produced of bottle corks

bottle cork robot on wheels

Craft tips for recycling wine bottle corks, robot on wheels

Also there are funny Corkers sets for making tiny animals, birds and weird creatures that are available for sale now. 6 inventive wine bottle corks that inspire craft suggestions

Recycling suggestions for utilised wine bottle corks

20 creative tips for interior decorating with wine bottle corks

Recycling utilized wine bottle corks for hot pot coasters, green tips for crafts

recycled crafts for making table decorations with bottle corks

Robots created of wine bottle corks, handmade party table decorations

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