Saturday, January 30, 2016

A modern residence style with a massive roof top pool that is cascading down and producing 4 water drops, islands and waterfalls looks stunning, unusual and spectacular. A rooftop swimming pool is a relaxing function that give fitness and play areas, beautified by beautiful views.

Folks can swim or sunbathe, sipping  cold drinks on few huge islands with umbrellas and pool chairs, listen music, enjoying a fantastic view or play with youngsters in specially designed pool areas. Big rooftop swimming pool provides lavish design, making an aqua park like setting and luxurious atmosphere. Excellent for everyday exercises or specific events, the huge rooftop swimming pool is best for accommodating all people living in the home and their guests.

The innovative swimming pool adds enjoyable to way of life and creates exclusive experiences. The creating with large and intriguing rooftop swimming pool is a excellent concepts for apartments and hotels, blending exclusiveness with play and offering wonderful leisure time for adults and youngsters.

Modern house Sawa with a large rooftop pool

house design with rooftop pool

Sawa House Design with a cascading swimming pool on its roof

This remarkable rooftop swimming pool is designed by Dutch firm NL architects, as a single of three alternative proposals for making an unusual house design with a pool on its roof.

The pool is certainly the heart of the residence design and style, making the beautiful proposal very tough to reject or criticize. This wonderful recreational water feature develop unusual house style that makes a modern statement.

Backyard swimming pools and tiny ponds, gorgeous backyard tips

Unique apartment developing with private pools on balconies

Rooftop garden and small pond romanticize house styleunique modern swimming pool on house roof modern house design with rooftop swimming pool contemporary home with rooftop pool

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