Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Vibrant and original felt furniture design tips from Vanja Bazdulj turn wool felt sheets into beautiful types. This incredible handmade furnishings collection of Rough & Prepared chairs is inspired by green concepts, encouraging to reuse and recycle current components.

Fabulous modern day furniture designs make the most of the imperfect, turning the unfinished into art works that showcase unpredictable and thrilling types. The eye-catching chairs are made from tailored cured sheets of wool felt that have been assembled and tied with each other with rope.

All distinctive furniture pieces are handmade, making the designer furnishings collection that appears quite original and impressive. Produced of wool felt and rubber modern day furniture designs by Slovenian designer Vanja Bazdulj, are eco friendly goods, best for eco homes.

Felt in modern day interior style

Felt wall decorating for modern interior design and style

Felt furnishings design and style tips, Large Basket Chair

unique chair design of felt and rubber sheets

Unique furnishings style suggestions, felt and rubber sheets create this designer chair

Rough & Ready is an experimental, revolutionary and distinctive furnishings collection, inspired by exploring potentials of the imperfect, human, unpredictable and the unfinished look aesthetics.

Drawing from strategies of art, it explores the intuitive material application and mixing mediums as all-natural patina formations. Tailored cured sheets of wool felt are assembled and tightened into location with rope, forming seating components.

designer chair made of wool felt and rubber sheets

Designer furnishings made of wool felt, eco friendly merchandise for modern interior style

The wool is embedded with rubber providing the surface not only with aesthetically attractive patterns but also structural integrity.

Modern chairs and lamps made of felt and knitted fabric, unique furniture and lighting concepts

Property decorations created of knitted fabric and felt

eco friendly furniture design ideas

Eco friendly, colorful and unique furniture design and style suggestions

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