Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Decorating ordinary plastic bags for lunch sandwiches with creative drawings looks like a great, inspiring and interesting thought for a unique day. David Laferriere is a graphic designer and illustrator, who designed numerous black-n-white and colorful ink drawings on plastic bags for his children, adding creative art and a lot more exciting to their life.

The artists and designer, he is a amazing father who has been drawing funny images on his little ones sandwich bags given that 2008 using Sharpie markers, definitely encouraging young children to grow inventive and optimistic. Your little ones must really feel quite content when you give them a special sandwich in a plastic bag with a handmade drawing also.

This is a brilliant decorating concept for a unique occasion that can be enjoyed by all. Adults and children will don't forget this unique sandwich bag and inform a story about the unique treat and handmade drawing on a plastic bag that surprised and delighted.

Sandwich bag art

cheese drawing on plastic bag

Cheese drawing on a sandwich bag

The drawing on a plastic bag is easy and fantastic thought that make a sandwich appear elegant, unusual and more tasty on a particular day. Drawing each day is a commitment, but making unexpected sandwiches  is not hard and simply great.

Also drawing on plastic bags might look like a waste of ink when you do it often, making a particular lunch sandwich on a birthday or any unique day when in a while feels like an exceptional notion that will boost mood and make men and women really feel extremely special.

drawings on sandwich bags

Creative drawings on sandwich bags

The artist says, – each drawing is carried out just after I make the sandwich. I take a image and post to flickr. My youngsters don’t see the drawing till it is lunchtime. For far more amazing drawings on plastic bags  >>  http://drlaferriere.com/

bat drawing on plastic bag

Black bat on a sandwich bag

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