Saturday, February 13, 2016

Salvaged wood and wonderful craftsmanship turn metal and wooden pieces into lovely, a single-of-a-sort, wall lights, pendant lights and decor accessories, best for exclusive home decorating. Made of 60 – one hundred year old wood and metal pieces, 100 % green, these recycled crafts and home decorations appear like artworks.

Beautiful tables and other modern day furniture pieces created of salvaged wood and retired grape vines from premiere wine developing area in California. The American craftsman styles all sorts of exciting and wonderful art decor items from recycled items and reclaimed wood.

Producing the functional and quite decorative accessories and furniture pieces keeps the artist busy, exploring new patterns and designs for interior decorating. The amazing furnishings, wall lights and pendant lights, wooden decor accessories and wall decorations go to high end wineries, galleries and unique retailers.

Handmade decorations and unique furniture recycling wine barrels and old grape vines

wall decoration recycling salvaged wood

Wall decorations recycling wine barrels

Obtainable on, these wonderful artworks from Wine Country Craftman, delight and surprise, supplying an selection for customized and personalized interior decorating. Salvaged wood things really feel cozy and and comfy. Distinctive and eco friendly items produced with old wood and grape vines bring the warmth into interior decorating.

The artist and craftsman reuse and recycle wine barrels for upcycling salvaged wood and metal pieces into beautiful items for interior decorating. He uses every thing, from salvaged wood boards to corks and metal rings for making exclusive decorations.

unique furniture, glass top table with base created of old grape vine

Special furnishings, glass best table with wooden base created of old grape vines

These artworks have special charm and rustic really feel, perfect for bar style and decorating with fabulous modern day furnishings, decor accessories and lighting fixtures. Handmade and eco friendly, these goods bring enjoyable and detailed designs into interior decorating, generating surprising and comfortable, functional and stylish rooms.

wall decoration made with wine barrel rings

Wall decorations recycling wine barrel rings

Interior decorating with salvaged wood

21 green design concepts, reclaimed wood for interior decorating

Reclaimed wood wall tiles, modern wall decorating concepts from Everitt Schilling

25 handmade wood furniture design and style suggestions, modern salvages wood chairs, stools and benches

wood furniture, wine bottle rack

Wooden table with wine bottle rack made of salvaged wood from old wine barrels

unique lighting recycling wine barrel rings and wood unique lighting recycling wine barrels wall rack made of salvaged wood unique lighting made with grape vines and winde barrel rings eco friendly products recycling wood recycling wine barrels for wall decorations recycling wine barrel rings for wall decorations wall candle holder made of old metal unique lighting design recycling wine barrel rings wall decorations, shelves made of salvaged wood

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