Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Contemporary tableware style tips challenge classic shapes of daily objects, providing exciting forms and blending contemporary and new materials  for table decoration and bringing unexpected themes into it. London-primarily based designer Sebastian Bergne has created Pipe Glass co-made with Pigr Milan that is quite unusual and provocative.

Pipe Glass design and style blends drinking and smocking themes, evoking mixed feelings, but the elegance and simplicity of the glass design and style make them pleasant and eye-catching. While capturing bad habits, the Pipe glasses are good table decorations that add aesthetic appeal to the expertise of employing them for drinking.

These drinking vessels are experimental pieces that challenge geometric properties of a glass and our standard views at what drinking glass could look like. Pipe Glass design and style was featured at the Blow by Blow 2011 exhibition
during Milan design week.

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pipe shaped glass with yellow drink

Pipe Glass looks sunny and gorgeous with yellow drink

This exclusive glass design and style tips challenges the way we feel about drinking. It is now available in the UK, exclusively on BuySebastianBergne. Pipe Glass is hand blown in borosilicate glass and packed in its personal recycled challenging card box. Borosilicate glass is a material that tends to make these glasses resistant to thermal shock, a lot more so than any other typical glass.

Pipe Glass looks fabulous on the table and can be used for any drinks, bringing a lot more interest and adding a playful accent to table decoration.

pipe shaped glass on table

Pipe glass with red drink is an elegant table decoration that adds drama and a splash of fascinating colour to table setting

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