Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The designer from Greece Athanasia Leivaditou designed a space-saving desk-bed, excellent for computer gamers, determined students and workaholics, all these who like to state close to their pc displays or paper operate, and do not want to waste time on walking away and acquiring back to their desks.

The idea of this desk-bed design is adding far more functionality and comfort to a table even though blending space saving ideas with contemporary furniture design. This desk can be transformed into a bed in no time, providing a cozy nook for a quick energy nap in the workplace. The desk-bed style is a great notion for adding an added sleeping location for a guest also.

The desk-bed attributes a soft mattress, a built-in Television, wooden blinds on every side and a massive front panel in white colour that adds privacy and hides a bed inside the desk when it is not utilised. This multifunctional furnishings style can help men and women with back issues to remain energetic in the course of the day, enjoying a quick rest in the course of lunch or coffee breaks.

Space saving desk-bed design

unique furniture design idea, desk bed

Space saving furnishings style thought blending desk and bed

The concept desk-table style is created by Studio NL, www.studionl.com. It gives a convenient massive desk prime surface for function and enough area for you to stretch out in comfy, sensible and unpretentious style following work.

The simplicity of this transformer furniture item creates clean, modern and functional desk-bed mixture, which tends to make a excellent teenage bedroom furniture style.

desk bed with blinds and decorative panel

Wooden blinds and a massive front panel hide the bed

Perfect for tiny rooms and offices, this unique furnishings design and style shows how the space saving suggestions and combination of functions lead to a new type, blending classic furniture design with fresh suggestions, and adding a contemporary flare to familiar furnishings.

Transformer style tips, space saving furnishings for little rooms

Slot sofa blending transformer concepts into space saving furnishings style

Transformer style concepts, modern day furnishings for small spaces

The space saving multifunctional furnishings style thought reinvents two ordinary, currently current things into an intriguing and playful a single, blending creative perform with dreams and supplying an revolutionary, desirable and comfy desk-bed combination.

contemporary furniture for samll spaces

Inventive modern furniture style for tiny rooms and offices

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