Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Space saving apartment concepts can feel welcoming, functional and comfortable. Flattered apartments for rent prove that small room can be charmingly cozy and fashionable also. These compact modern apartments from Welcome Beyond are located in the historical city of Porto, Portugal.

The Flattered apartments consist of 5 modern day units in a developing that provide a great chance to experience cozy and stylish, warm and and distinct from the traditional hotel rooms interior style. Space saving interior style suggestions and creative decorating particulars make these apartments intriguing and exclusive.

Modern rooms are jazzed up with vintage furnishings and wall artwork by nearby artists. Little bedroom enclosures feel cozy although taking a tiny space from the living room with a dining location raised above the floor. Contemporary kitchen cabinets can be hidden behind a big folding screen when you finish cooking, which creates clean and totally free of clutter contemporary room design and style.

Flexible interior design and style tips for little spaces

contemporary kitchen design with folding foor

Modern kitchen style with a folding screen, modern day interior design and style concept for small spaces

All apartments are developed like open spaces with defined functional zones for a little bedroom and a compact dining region.

The bedroom enclosure, rotating shower door in the bathroom and folding screen for kitchen cabinets produce flexibility. Space saving interior design and style concepts, that include zoning with couple of small regions within the open space, permit to accommodate a lot more than two individuals in each and every small apartment, offering an extra pull out bed or an extra bed, placed in a cozy niche with a window.

small bedroom design

Modest bedroom design, space saving apartment ideas

small bedroom enclosure

Tiny bedroom enclosure, contemporary interior design and style idea for tiny rooms

The original and fascinating space saving interior style idea developed a wooden box with a pull out bed which turns a little apartment into a guest space for a sleepover. These tiny, uncommon and creative apartment ideas offer locations exactly where folks feel like home, cozy and relaxed.

Space saving suggestions for little rooms

Space saving decorating, functional furniture for small spaces

21 loft beds in different styles, space saving tips for tiny rooms

Fold down beds and space saving bunk beds from Resource Furnishings

22 space saving bedroom tips to maximize small rooms

pull out bed under dining area

Dining area on a wooden box with a pull-out bed, space saving suggestions for decorating small apartments

pull out bed

Pull out bed maximizing small apartment space

small bedroom enclosure small bedroom design idea decorating small apartments ideas for decorating small apartments small bedroom design with storage cabinets small bathroom design with rotating glass shower door

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