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Creative party table centerpiece can be created of a watermelon. Easy and exciting style idea turns a watermelon into an uncommon punch bowl. The watermelon punch bowl make a surprising and bright table centerpiece, spicing up your party table decoration suggestions.

This table centerpiece is fantastic for any summer party or holidays in spring, winder and fall, birthdays and informal dinners. Gorgeous green and red colors can brighten up Thanksgiving table decor and add a bold accent to New Years Eve party or Christmas table decoration also.

Add some Halloween decorations to the watermelon bowl and you have a great decoration for your Halloween celebration table. Valentines Day, Mothers Day and Fathers Day are other possibilities to delight special people in your life with this amazing table centerpiece concept.

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Watermelon punch bowl with a spigot

party table decoration with watermelon punch bowl

Celebration table decoration with a watermelon punch bowl

All you need to make the watermelon punch bowl, is a fundamental spigot kit and a great punch recipe to turn a watermelon into the centerpiece. It is greater to locate a watermelon that can stand up on its personal, if you can not, then use a bowl as a stand.

Reduce off the prime of the watermelon and use it as a lid. Scoop all the watermelon out and set aside in a bowl. Pour out any excess liquid soon after you’re completed scooping.

make decorations for party table

Generating the watermelon punch bowl

Hold a spigot up to the watermelon to measure the size hole you require. Use a knife to cut a hole that is slightly smaller than the spigot and then press it into your watermelon to test the size. Next, add a rubber ring. Place the spigot in and fasten it with a metal ring on the other side. Most of these pieces should come in a common spigot kit, but any employee at a hardware store will know what you want.

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Test your new drink dispenser by filling it with water. Prepare your preferred punch and pour into the watermelon. The watermelon table centerpiece is a delicious new way to enjoy your favourite drink.

watermelon bowl with spigot

Adding a spigot to the watermelon punch bowl

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