Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Unique lighting fixtures make s statement and significantly transform interior style. This remarkable chandelier is designed with driftwood pieces, blending functionality with green style suggestions and an impressive, uncommon and fashionable appear. The hanging lamp created of driftwood and natural rope bring distinctive handmade accent and coastal chic into contemporary homes.

The frame is created of gorgeous wooden sieve. Driftwood pieces are attached around it, generating an remarkable lamp shade. The final touch is the natural rope on the prime of the lamp that enrich modern day lighting fixture. Combined with driftwood, the organic rope creates an organic look.

The rope is formed in a braid which envelopes the lamp, making an further lamp shade decoration. The rope masks a energy cable which is embedded into thick twisted rope. The energy cable is practically invisible, making a pleasant illusion of an ancient lantern.

Handmade with driftwood hanging lamp

driftwood lighting fixture

Handmade of driftwood pieces chandelier, distinctive lighting fixture

Driftwood chandelier is a gorgeous and inspiring lighting fixture, supplying a good way to bring some breath of the ocean into your property and make your interior design and style appear exclusive, eco friendly and stylish.

The driftwood lighting fixture is specifically fantastic for beach house decorating and cottage residence decor. Nothing can add a really feel of a coastal living to home interiors like a handmade of driftwood decor items.

natural rope and driftwood chandelier

Organic rope and driftwood chandelier

The chandelier diameter is 50 cm or 20 inches, and the height is 40 cm or 16 inches. It is accessible from for $ 190 US, but if you like crafts creating a related living fixture with driftwood pieces is a wonderful project for your house decorating.

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driftwood hanging lamp

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