Sunday, October 25, 2015

Magnetic wallpaper designs are about fun and magic. The collection of lovely magnetic wallpaper patterns from Sian Zeng is a inventive notion for really individual wall decorating that will charm and delight young children and adults.

Gorgeous wallpapers from Sian Zeng’s 2012  collection, are evoking a sense of magic and bring more enjoyable into contemporary wall decorating enabling quick and easy transformations of wall decor. Superb magnetic wallpaper patterns are inspired by woodlands theme, inviting the nature inside.

Magnetic wallpaper patterns are appealing and stimulating, permitting users to create their own stories on the wall by moving a cast of magnetic characters and buildings on the wallpaper. Writing on the speech bubbles adds personality to wall decorating also.

Magnetic wallpaper patterns with sets of magnets

animal wallpaper designs with magnets

Animal wallpaper patterns with a set of magnets, contemporary wall decorating suggestions

Stunning wallpaper patterns are printed on magnetic and regular wallpapers and accessible to acquire for your special wall decorating.

These classic and magnetic wallpapers are excellent for bringing the magical woodlands decorating theme into any room. Designed in toile style, modern day wallpapers are printed in England with eco friendly inks.

floral wallpaper design with magnets

Floral wallpaper patterns with magnets for exclusive wall decorating

These modern wallpaper styles are printed on paper from sustainable forests and offer you eco friendly goods for interior style and decorating.

Wall wallpapers, patterns modern curve

Designer fabrics and modern day floral wallpaper patterns

Modern wallpaper for youngsters area decorating, black wallpaper patterns

Photography by Richard Clatworthy

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