Friday, October 23, 2015

Tamashii is a wood dining chair, which round type illustrates the detailed woodworking art of of Japanese veneer technique that functions layering thin strips of wood and generating gorgeous furnishings style. The wood dining chair is designed by Czech student Anna Stepankova.

The design and style objective was to uncover all possibilities this exclusive method gives and apply gained knowledge in an revolutionary way to dining chair style, the style student says. She wanted to emphasize the attractiveness of handmade experimenting with wood.

This original and fashionable dining chair harmoniously blends a traditional Japanese approach that reveals the all-natural beauty of wood and a modern day style thought. The eye-catching combination of them produces revolutionary and quite decorative modern furniture.

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Plastic and wood combination in modern furniture design

Modern day chairs, transformer tips in wood furniture design and style

contemporary furniture wood

Modern day chair bringing standard woodworking method into contemporary furnishings style

The Tamashii chair reflect the concept Purchase a chair, get a tree. Its beautiful appear is a manifestation of duty towards atmosphere and a life cycle of eco friendly merchandise.

This contemporary chair design tells its own story, bringing the grace of wood and its warm energy into furniture design and style. Mixing traditions and contemporary design and style tips provides an attractiveness to functional, stylish and eco friendly goods which supply comfy and contemporary furnishings to surprised and delighted customers.

wooden chair for dining room

Wooden dining furniture, Tamashi chair

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