Thursday, October 22, 2015

Space heaters Teplosaurus bring a exclusive theme into area decorating. Uncommon heaters look like dinosaurs skeletons, offering playful and inventive style for interesting space decorating. These space heaters can be utilized for empty wall decoration or as area dividers ehich add a distinctive flavor to interior decorating.

These space heaters so distinct and impressive that can turn out to be focal point of interior decorating. Colorful painting or decorating with garments turn this unusual area heater design and style into contemporary art, excellent for jazzing up modern room interiors, particularly children rooms and teenage bedrooms.

Art. Lebedev Studio from Russia developed this complex space heater design as an option to traditional, plain and boring area heaters and radiators.

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dinosaurus design for room decoratingCast iron radiator, dinosaurus area heater for contemporary interior decorating

Teplosaurus heater consists of numerous elements shaped like dinosaurs skull, spine, ribs, legs and tail bones, offering striking style for space decorating.

Tiny elements of this area heater enormously enhance the warm surface location and functionality of the style. Teplosaurus heater is produced of cast iron and can be mounted instead of an ordinary floor radiator.

creative contemporary design for modern homesTeplosaurus room heater, creative modern design for room decorating

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dinosaurus shaped radiator in black colorDinosaur shaped cast iron radiator in black colour

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