Thursday, October 22, 2015

This unusual round mirror is designed by Constance Guisset, which original and innovative strategy to the style process has won her international favors. The wall mirror is 1 of intriguing workd by the designer and scenographer.

The wall mirror from Constance Guisset, is in round shape and with glass bubbles. The decorative mirror is a blend of function and whimsical style, which is torally unexpected and interesting. The French designer developed a one-of-a-kind wall mirror that surprises and delights with original design concepts.

The wall mirror Coulisse reflects and make to feel. The round wall mirror is adorned with altering color little spheres. The spheres can hang loose or be stuck to the mirror with invisible magnets, adding a distinctive touch to round wall mirror design and style.

Round wall mirror with color changing bubbles

wall mirror with purple spheres

Decorative wall mirror with color changing bubbles

As soon as the user approaches every single modest sphere, hanging from the wall mirror, it lights up and reveals a mysteriously eye-catching purple colour.

Light reveals a translucid purple glass. The bubbles reflect on an immaterial ground and produce an imaginary landscape in between the mirror and constellation.

wall mirror with hanging spheres

Wall mirror with hanging spheres

When a bubble is brought close to the mirror, it is attracted by the magnet and switches on. When black, the glass bubbles are like jewels that flow from the shimmering surface. Surprise comes with the switch on by magnets and the sudden colored transparency of the material.

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black wall mirror in round shape

Colour altering spheres with magnets

wall mirror in black color

Wall mirror with purple sphere on magnets

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