Thursday, October 22, 2015

Simple and elegant wall shelves and modular shelving, made of wood lumber leftovers, inspire attractive house decorating concepts and DIY projects for decorating empty walls or floor corners. Recycling wood lumber pieces for original and modern day shelves is a fantastic way to add the organic material and handmade design to your empty walls or decorate the floor in eco style.

You can make corner shelves and fashionable modular shelving unit for the floor decoration, adding trendy accents and added storage to your interior style. Created of wood lumber wall shelves, developed by designers from The Basic Shop, are an interesting and versatile house decorating thought that might inspire your DIY wood projects.

Solid wood blocks are great material that allows to design special wall shelves although bringing the all-natural beauty and wonderful texture of wood into your interior design and style. You can paint wood shelves or leave them unfinished, adding all-natural appear to your home interior decorating that creates fabulous and fashionable wall styles.

Strong wood shelves

modular shelving unit made of wood lumber pieces

Attractive modular shelving unit, corner shelves produced of wood lumber blocks

The shelving unit can be arranged vertically on the wall or in a area corner. Stunning handmade shelving unit can be added to your desk or attractively decorate the floor. Couple of solid wood blocks are effortless to arrange in several different techniques, producing modular shelving units that can be modified any time.

Solid wood blocks function beautiful cracks which expand and contract based on the temperature and humidity levels.

wood lumber

Wood lumber pieces with tree development rings and organic cracks

Your fashionable modular shelving design and style will modify its look over time, surprising you with delightful modifications in color, charming cracks that, combined with tree development rings, beautify the organic wood texture and appearance.

Inventive wood shelves

Wooden book shelves for interior decorating

Wood wall shelves with bark trim, organic style tips by Tseh

Big bookcase, sliding bookcases and shelves

wood lumber modular shelving

Wood lumber modular shelving unit for interior decorating in eco style

wood lumber wall shelf

Original wall shelf produced of strong wood blocks

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