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The beauty of simplicity in the Japanese interior style and the interiors Japanese style with straightforward ideas and Japanese interior elements

Historically, occupying a niche of East and West at the same time, Russia organically absorbed simple shades seemingly incongruous cultures. A single of these cultures - Japanese - has discovered a huge quantity of fans. Regardless of the truth that the true connoisseurs of Japanese fans is fairly tiny, even in this case the Japanese culture "hooked" their achievements huge quantity of Russians: this haiku and Japanese rock gardens And the sushi, and the cult of the samurai and geisha, and Ikebana, and anime, and even the Yakuza.

Enumerate all the items that come to us from the Land of the Increasing Sun, it tends to make no sense - all of which came left, and the rest is waiting in the wings. Apparently, Japan prosper other East Asian countries fit into our lives, creating our distinctive culture and lively symbiosis.

Japanese Interior Design, ideas, style and elements

It is believed that even the Japanese style in interior space has turn out to be the most widespread and popular of all the rest, and it's tough to argue. Today, every little thing is quite huge and productive interior design studio Moscow from time to time obtain orders to produce a Japanese-style interior. Development in demand for this ethnic style in the interior there. What is so appealing Japanese interior style and style, and how it looks at all?

The main attributes of Japanese interior design:

Describing the Japanese interior design or style in a few words, the most commonly employed phrases: harmony, tranquility, ease, conciseness . And just say - asceticism which Christianity has often been connected with a worthy life behavior. Could this be the cause of total really like for Japanese interiors .

The furnishings in Japanese interior design :

Very first factor you notice when you enter the Japanese house - freedom. There are no bulky furnishings, tables, chairs . Center of the space is generally empty, and the floors are covered with mats, little rugs, pillows. The current furnishings is arranged along the walls and usually low: sofa, sofas, ottomans.

Option to standard tables in Japan are portable light bamboo tables that are straightforward to bring and spot in front of guests and hosts are located on the floor.

Japanese dining room, Japanese interior design
Japanese dining space, Japanese interior design

By the way, sitting on the floor, as well, refers to the art, and this ceremony can be hard unaccustomed. But if you want to create a Japanese interior style , contemplate outdoor seating system - it may possibly be the tatami platform, pillows, soft podium and so on.

modern Japanese interior design with false ceiling

Japanese interior design, interior japanese style ideas

Japanese kitchen interior style minimalist:

Facades are basic - they are generally performed in the color of wood. Practically nothing further on the tables, the almost total absence of open shelves. Household appliances as attainable is constructed.

Japanese kitchen, cuisine interior design photo:

Japanese kitchen, cuisine, Japanese interior design

Japanese kitchen, cuisine, Japanese interior design

Japanese kitchen, cuisine, Japanese interior design

Japanese kitchen, cuisine, Japanese interior design

Japanese bedroom interior design :

Bedroom in Japanese style are also various minimalism. The primary feature - the bed mat and low bedside tables. Above the bed, but not the center, and the side of the ceiling hung low hanging lamp.

Japanese bedroom interior design, Japanese style bedroom
Japanese bedroom interior style, Japanese style bedroom

Japanese bedroom interior design, Japanese style bedroom

Japanese interior partition designs:

Japanese style abhors capital walls and partitions. Normally, a classic Japanese property - it's an simple team box, exactly where load-bearing walls are collapsible. Inside the home are utilised in abundance of light frame partition sorts of wood or bamboo, which stretched canvas, cloth or paper.

In most Japanese homes and Japanese interior styles are designed with sliding partitions. Rooftops propped quite a few vertical beams, which in Russian apartments was as well simulate. But obscure the main walls and heavy internal partitions of our apartments and homes light baffles Japanese - it's half the battle when simulating style. And no interior doors! They will replace the same partition or bamboo curtain.

Japanese homes interior design, style, decor
Japanese homes interior design

Ease of Japanese interior design historically due to the truth that many hurricanes and tsunamis swept island in Japan complete villages, causing residents adapt himself to not spend much interest to it, erecting villages and towns again in a handful of days. A building of tiny buildings potent Japan simply could not afford too couple of resources, also numerous people.

Japanese interior design components:

Returning to the interior , you can also notice that the Japanese interior style tends to be a lot organic light wood, and all that can be produced ​​of bamboo, performed exclusively of bamboo. Simulate the "Japanese" tree and its shades are very great at it in coniferous forest species: larch, spruce and pine. Tree sheathe the walls and ceilings. Only wooden floors too.

interior Japanese style materials, wood Japanese interiors

Wood colour - from light to dark - prevails in interfere. Generally, if we speak about the color, mostly organic natural earth colors, wood, bark, sand, plants (pale green). For bright accents typically chosen red.

japanese style interior design, wood Japanese interiors
japanese style interior design, wood Japanese interiors

Japanese style interior design with false ceiling
Japanese style interior design with false ceiling

Japanese bathroom interior design and style:

Previously i provided a topic that understand you how to produce a bathroom in Japanese stylewith 42 photo ideas for inspiration

Japanese bathroom interior design and style

Specifics of Japanese interior style:

Hieroglyphics - where do with no them? Traditional Japanese style apartments unthinkable without having many characters big and tiny format, written actually everywhere - on the walls and partitions, the paintings and furnishings.

Japanese interior design, living room Japanese style
Japanese interior style, living room Japanese style

Also, be confident and Japanese watercolor, which discharged animals, birds, flowers, leaves, landscapes of different kinds. In the paintings valued primitivism: Doris contemplation in the shower all the rest ...

Typically, the correct Japanese contemplation can to finish something, you can make the maximum use of asceticism in the Japanese interior style and Japanese style , but you can mix it with a small European style. In the finish, these days the Japanese also do not reside in the XVI century, and "Shogun" - not a reference book designer: in the interior would be acceptable and televisions and video gear, and bookshelves.

But the accurate connoisseurs of Japanese style in the interior even all this can hide, divert interest from them, to veil. Thankfully, Japan - the country thorough traditions, not worse very good old England, so interior style revolutionary past centuries it has not changed.

In this regard, Japanese interior style became instantaneously recognizable all more than the world, and bamboo mat and image with cranes and characters in the interior of any apartment already gave lead to "suspect" in an work to meet the host Japanese style. And the owners, respectively, it was straightforward to recognize this style. Or merely reproduce in full - as a tribute to the wonderful traditions of the eastern countries, as mysterious in the shower

Japanese Interior Design, ideas, style

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