Thursday, August 27, 2015

Uncommon glass style Brandy Pipe reinvents classic glass geometric type, blending a pipe with a brandy glass and making intriguing contemporary tableware items. Pipe-shaped glasses for beverages are original, contemporary and playful, providing distinctive gifts in elegant style.

Yet another revolutionary glass design Glass Pipe from Sebastian Bergne blends a pipe and a whiskey glass, adding a lot more entertaining to enjoying the taste of alcoholic drinks. Designers developed this glass for enhancing the expertise of tasting elite drinks, like whiskey and brandy.

These drinks need to have to be warm to show a complete range of flavors. Holding the glass-pipe in a hand and sipping the drink through a lengthy glass straw developed much more enjoyable expertise. Warmed drinks taste much more tender and pleasant.

pipe like glass design, modern glasses

Pipe like glass style, modern day tableware

Pipe Glass design and style thought challenging conventional glass geometric properties, modern day tableware

Top 11 contemporary tableware design and style trends

contemporary design ideas for glasses

Modern style tips for glasses

unique gifts, pipe glass in a box

Pipe glass in a box, distinctive present notion

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