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Conceptual apartment concepts that incorporate a transformer wall design and style into small rooms add innovative architectural components to modern interior style and develop a spacious and conveniently transforming for numerous activities living spaces. Light and space saving contemporary apartment tips feature these rotating partition wall design and style components that not just boost functionality, but add style and a modern flare to modern day apartment style.

Here is a collection of realistic 3d renderings and suggestions for designing 60 sq m apartment with a special partition wall, featuring couple of components and separating the bedroom. These original Transformer Apartment suggestions are developed by Russian designer Vlad Mishin,

The interior design and style is desirable, inspiring and innovative, produced to represents an try to turn convertible little spaces into stylish, exciting and comfy. The apartment is divided lengthwise by sculptural structure. The partition wall style contains couple of transforming the living space elements, made from black metal framework and plywood.

Contemporary interior design with rotating partition wall elements

partition wall design

Rotating partition wall style components

Numerous placement of the transforming elements defines function and goal of small rooms, adding flexibility to generating convenient and contemporary little spaces.  The principal element of transforming blocks creates an open living space with kitchen and dining places and three 3 rotating blocks.

One of these rotating elements functions a Television panel. It rotates on its axis allowing to watch the Tv from different areas in the living area or bedroom. Two other blocks are folding, making eye catching architectural accents and a large door to the bedroom.

transformer wall design

Transformer wall design and style

kitchen appliances and cabinets in niches

Functional niches for kitchen appliances and cabinets

Kitchen appliances are hidden in unusually designed niches behind a hinged partition wall. The bathroom door completes the wall. Curvy and angled components add a futuristic really feel to space saving apartment ideas.

Decorating modest spaces blending colorful home accessories with white apartment tips

Space saving apartment concepts making flexible small rooms

wall design with playwood and metal frame

Original wall design with metal frames and plywood

Organic supplies and neutral color scheme fill tiny spaces with a peaceful atmosphere. Light and interesting furniture design and style and bold yellow colour accents, the wall art and living space sofa, make the small apartment decorating look youthful and energizing.

6 space saving furniture design and style suggestions for small rooms

Contemporary kitchen style, innovative storage furnishings from Neuland

contemporary shelving unit

Creative shelving unit

small home office with yellow accents

Small property workplace

small bedroom design and decorating with yellow wall art

Little bedroom design with a space saving bed

apartment design plan

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