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How to produce a Scandinavian interior design and style and Scandinavian style with five suggestions professional designer,Scandinavian interior style can be each classic and modern day, not only expensive but also really spending budget. This is actually a prescription for any taste ! In this report, we will find out to create a Scandinavian style in the interior .

Scandinavian interior design - it is light, bright colors, excellent mood and purity. Clean lines, shapes, colors, pokrytiy . Neobychayno well-known these days, It came to us from Northern Europe. Finland, Norway, Sweden - a country which is really harsh climate, extended winters and sunlight is not as considerably as we would like. That is why the interiors come from these edges just pyshat freedom, air, light.

Scandinavian interior design and style,Scandinavian style

Admire the interiors in a Scandinavian style and you can without my presence - the advantage of such information on the Internet - huge deposits. But to gather together all the features and attempt to determine the main thing - it's quite important if you determine to recreate the interior of his home in Scandinavia .

So what are the simple principles needed to keep in mind and observe the interior to turn into a actually " Scandinavian "?

Prime tips to develop Scandinavian interior design and style :

Retain maximum sunlight:

Therefore, on the windows - the minimum decor. Curtains and can not be at all, or they are produced ​​of lightweight, unobtrusive material and very usually shifted to the side of the window, to let as significantly sunlight. Material that can be employed in Scandinavian interiors - voile, muslin or anything like that.

Also on the windows can be blinds or shutters.

Wall color - preferably white or extremely light:

Again motivated by the desire to make the area bright and airy.

At the very same time characteristic is the use of different wall decor for Scandinavian style in the interior . This can be in the kind of a handful of accents of vibrant strips of wallpaper, colorful paintings , prints on the walls themselves, stickers, large decorative components or the entire composition (frequently chaotic) of a large quantity of paintings and photographs within and without them, souvenirs, and so forth.

Largely all-natural supplies. The most beloved and extensively used - wood:

Scandinavians enjoy tree. It is welcome everywhere - on the floor, on the walls, even the ceiling. Wood furniture, countertops - birch, beech, oak.

Processing tree - either minimum or painting. In any case, supported the desire for naturalness and simplicity.

Bright color spots for Scandinavian interiors:

Vibrant accents - another highlight Scandinavian interiors styles .

Bright pillows , blankets, carpets , kitchen apron, cheerful crimson chair, distinct colors upholstery on the chairs, colored lampshades .

However! This decor really a lot. The interior is not complete of a kaleidoscope, it just filled with interesting particulars and in no way overloaded.

Scandinavian interior style - it is rather untill than transition. Minimalism and brevity.

High usability of the interior:

Scandinavian interiors highly adapted for living. They are real, all-natural. With an abundance of so required in every day life of storage space (enclosed in cabinets, shelves and hidden niches) and the set decor and products on open shelves.

Scandinavian style is quite easy to preserve. There is no need to comply with the manic clean lines and clean all household products, with eyes like minimalism. You can safely place on the shelf donated the statuette to put the correct items in the open, and it did not spoil the character of the interior. He is alive and very artsy - just a constructive, straightforward and straightforward. What else you want for a comfy life?

Scandinavian interior design and style, Scandinavian style

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