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The basic guidelines and critical tips for interior in country style decorating and country style house decor with all country residences parts, nation property decorating, country style decorating, nation style home decor with some ideas of ceiling, floor, windows, wall, lighting and nation style furnishings tips and guidelines.

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Best 10 bedroom in nation style interior designs suggestions

Country - Country style ... and in memory of my grandmother once opened the cabin interiors: to smear mud and straw walls, whitewashed and decorated with colorful towels, embroidered towels. Flowers, dried flowers, fabric walkway and a portrait of Taras Shevchenko in pride of spot ... Quit! Those nostalgic memories are not fairly correspond with the path of country music, but the pondering is right.

Nation style decorating , ten Suggestions for Country style property decor

Though the term was born in the United States, and it was originally a classic American ranch, but presently the notion of nation style embodies the image of a country house in the country in which you reside, rich components of the life countryside about the world. If you want, country- interior gathers in itself the greatest of cozy and comfy that we got from previous generations. Choice of country style in the style of the home suggests that you - the person for whom the concept of "household" and "nature" are inextricably linked. You did not overlook their roots and attempting to avoid urbanistickih trends.

Simple guidelines and guidelines for nation style house decor:

1. Organization of space may be, at 1st glance, very chaotic: rooms flow into a single yet another, a large living room can be output not only in the bedroom, but in the closet. The main rule of zoning locations - maximum functionality.

In finishing facilities are the dominant all-natural, organic supplies (or their high-quality imitation). Be confident and use a lot of wood, textured plaster, stone, masonry, linen, cotton, paper wallpaper and easy ceramic tiles. It is exciting to appear articles of brass or bronze, skilful hand forging.

Wall guidelines and guidelines for country style decorating:

walls in the country play the part of design background, so often painted in calm pastel colors and / or plastered. In this case, the corners, piers or doorways are usually decorated masonry. An additional choice - straightforward paper pasting wallpaper and unobtrusive little figure. It is exciting and original appear area whose walls are lined with wood from floor to ceiling, or only to the middle of the wall (at the best of this it is much better to paint in full colour)

Windows tips for country residences decor:

windows in the interior, styled country can be as swing verandnye "the floor" and modest devitrified. Rustic charm and comfort will give windows framed by shutters. It is not only sophisticated but also extremely sensible. On the window sill need to stand pots and vazonchiki with vibrant colors. A much better pick up the curtains of linen or cotton cloth, no-frills and fanciful draperies.

Nation properties ceiling decorating ideas:

ceiling in nation-residence is just wood, the wood will let a small "rough-hewn". Suggest dividing the ceiling with enormous beams and curbs.

Floor country style decorating ideas:

Similarly, wooden and "structural" should appear and floor . You can pick laminate, in structure and colour identical to the natural wood, but powerful only on the floor will appear like oak boards, opened with many layers of lacquer. Even though the flooring can be a stone or tile, but it is the main condition of the material expression of country style.

Lighting in nation style residence decor:

This property is not bright evening light . Day of the rooms supply a lot of natural light shining from the windows, but with the onset of dusk, "go dark" and ought to be in the space. Following all, a individual close to nature, and it is this nuance, trying to sound nation-interior, lives in the organic biological clock. For that reason it is far better to opt for table lamps with shades, fringed, floor lamps and sconces. Chandeliers are also more likely consist of several glass diffusers on a wooden or metal base, or are inverted wicker basket.

Nation style furnishings tips:

dominant function of the interior in the style of country music is undoubtedly furniture . It is a straightforward straight lines and clear shapes of chairs and cabinets, seasoned geometry tables and sofas emphasize the simplicity and practicality. Furnishings should be executed from the unpolished wood - rough, but extremely organic. Beautifully appears wicker furnishings, particularly if it is matched set. But the primary point that attracts attention in the style of nation music acts rocking chair with a carelessly thrown more than her plaid, tartan. This is exactly where you want to hide from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis!

Colour schemes in nation style house decor:

colour scale is compiled from three-4 echoing shades, they ought to not be contrasted with the interior decoration of the space. For a country characterized by creamy undertones and smooth colour transitions. And a single essential piece of guidance - do not use white color.

Nation style decorating suggests:

interior design country-suggests simplicity and a flight of fancy at the same time. There ought to be a high-tech accessories or deliberate pathos. Use easy image frames, pillows with lace, paintings on pastoral themes. Welcome products hand-produced: embroidered cloth, rag rugs, and pointed out at the beginning of towels. In common, anything that carries a rustic motifs regularity and tranquility, filled with national spirit your neighborhood and loved ones values ​​- will be completely fit the style of country music.

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