Friday, August 28, 2015

Chairs, poufs and carpets made of colorful pompones appear unique, uncommon and bright. Pompons make contemporary interior design feel soft and playful, adding  cute decorative particulars, created of all-natural yarn, and eye-catching large and small ball shapes.

Pompons for exciting and uncommon interior design and style can be very easily produced of yarns. There are several approaches of creating fluffy, playful and colorful pompons and use them in interior style and home decorating. Chairs, poufs and carpets from the exciting collection Bommel MYK, are fantastic concepts to develop striking and cheerful decor pieces.

The Bommel also recognized as Pompon is crafted completely by hand. Many hundred wool threads are bundled, rolled, tied, and reduce, all of very carefully chosen high high quality wool for making pompons for spectacular chairs, poufs and carpets.

Property decorations produced of Knitted fabric and felt, handmade decorative accessories and gifts

Mangas rugs and poufs collection, modern house accessories

handmade furniture with wool pomponsHandmade furnishings with colorful pompons, designer chair

There are up to 1300 woollen pompons and respectively up to 45 kg ( 100 lbs) of wool forming one particular single object that make contemporary interior design and style soft and bright.

These colorful interior design and style elements are a fantastic way to give a playful flavor and optimistic appear to any space. Chairs, poufs and carpets produced of pompons appear welcoming, decorative and very cozy.

colorful poufsColorful poufs produced of pompons, modern interior design ideas

Colorful and impressive chairs, poufs and carpets from the Bommel MYK are incredibly pricey, but you can use this exciting decorating idea for experimenting with pompons and generating related decor items for your residence.

Knitted and crocheted accessories, cup heaters and handmade table decorations

Crocheted and knitted floor rugs, poufs, baskets and pillows, modern day property accessories

round rug in white colorRound rug made of wool pompons, handmade residence accessories in white colour for modern interior style

Pompons created of higher quality pure wool are costly, but decorating chairs, poufs, carpets and pillows with  pompons produced of inexpensive yarns is a great concept that can transform your house decor on a dime, bringing colour, playful specifics and soft texture into modern interior style.

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