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The very best designs of ottoman and banquette for interior design and how to use and place ottomans and banquette seating in your home

Banquette seating and Ottoman - not only decorative style components bedroom, living area or hallway, but also quite functional furnishings unit and that the important "highlight" that will add convenience and comfort in the interior.

Furnishings business is impressive and pleasing variety developed banquette: single, multi-seat, semi-soft, soft, forged, bedside, banquettes for hallways, ottomans for the living room and several other individuals.

ottoman - banquette - ottomans - banquette seating
Ottoman and banquette Where to put and how to use

Ottoman and banquette - it backless sofas, intended to seat one or two men and women.

On the banquette at the foot of the bed usually folded decorative pillows and blankets in the course of sleep, and ottoman seating put magazines, books and trays of drinks.

In contrast to puff of stools is that banquette look closer to the bench with upholstered seat, and poof - the chair without having armrests and backs.

red ottoman and banquette striped
red ottoman and banquette striped

Deciding on a spot for Ottoman or banquette:

Designers supply a selection of accommodation alternatives banquette and ottoman in distinct rooms:

Historically, ottomans and banquettes that was placed in the hallway as they could sit on the track, take your shoes off ( Shoe storage )or put any fines or accessories.

Entrance - best for ottoman or banquette with leather upholstery or any other upholstered in sturdy and put on resistant material.

In the bedroom banquette can be installed at the foot of the bed, a bedside stool decorating region. Classic location for ottoman in the bedroom - near the dressing table and female boudoir.

ottoman and banquette for tradition bed room
ottoman and banquette for tradition bed space

Living space - one more very good spot exactly where ottomans or banquette would be proper. Their optimum height does not exceed the height of the seat upholstery, in this case, we can put them on your feet and relax while reading or watching movies.

An additional interesting solution for the living room - use ottoman as a coffee or a coffee table, for such purposes match massive or difficult stools ottomans, which can simply place the tray .

ottoman and banquette for living room

Kitchen banquette and ottomans a small larger than normal for their seat upholstery utilizing components that are straightforward to clean with a damp brush, which will let them to remain clean and lovely for a long time.

ottoman and banquette for dining room

If the size of the apartment is big and it succeeded in isolating a reading corner , then placing it banquette or ottoman, you can add functionality - it need to include the books, reading glasses and a variety of.

ottoman and banquette for modern living room

black leather banquette and yellow chair
black leather banquette and yellow chair

black and white Ottoman and banquetteOttoman and banquette for dressing table

grey Ottoman and banquette, ottomanswhite Ottoman and banquette with white sofa

Choose Ottoman and banquette colors:

One more critical concern that arises when picking banquette and ottoman - what color to decide on for upholstery ottoman? We provide numerous choices to consider:

If we talk about the living space or bedroom, the most colour padded stools and banquettes matched in tone with sofas and chairs so that the furniture looked like a single set.

ottoman and banquette and chairs set

For these who are willing to experiment and the preceding version appears a bit boring, the ideal solution would be a mixture of colors. example, an ottoman can be made ​​in any colour from the sofa cushions or curtains, and the colour of the sofa and chairs - in the other.

ottoman and banquette, striped red banquette for modern living room
striped red banquette for modern day living area

Furthermore, ottoman and banquettes may act bright accents - with practically nothing to combine self-contained units and furniture. Ottoman vibrant crimson, turquoise or lemon-yellow color has already grow to be a classic in contemporary style rooms and lofts.

ottoman and banquette and black window treatments
pink ottoman and black window therapies

ottoman and banquette in tradition living room

ottoman and banquette, pink ottoman
pink ottoman

red ottoman and brown corner sofa for modern living room
red ottoman and brown corner sofa for contemporary living room

Ottoman and banquette, yellow lemon ottoman for living room
yellow lemon ottoman in living area

Ottoman and banquette, blue ottoman for tradition living room
blue ottoman in tradition living room

Ottoman and banquette, white banquette seating for modern interior
white banquette seating for modern day interior

Ottoman and banquette, modern banquette white for living
contemporary banquette in white

Ottoman and banquette, silver mirror
luxury banquette with mirror

banquette seating and ottomans - furnishings suitable for any hallway, kitchen, living area, bedroom.

The key to their success is not only the versatility of use, but desirable look and ease of use.

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