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Pendant lighting with knitted lamp shades from designer group Pudelskern are ideal for winters that can be harsh with lots of snow. Pendant lighting with knitted lamps shades appear warm, generating comfortable and cosy interiors.

Hanging lamps Granny is a direct response to the climatic challenges of cold winters with its long tradition of gatherings in living rooms about the fireplace, exactly where grannies employed to knit although telling stories. Granny pendant lighting is a reminiscence of childhood.

Knitted lamp shades for Granny pendant lighting is produced of pure all-natural wool from sheep bred on green alpine pastures in the remote valleys of the Tyrol, the house of high top quality handcrafted production rather than the industrial.

Pendant lighting fixtures, contemporary interior design trends

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Pendant lighting design and style with knitted lamp shades

contemporary light fixtures with knitted lamp shades

Every hanging lamp shade can be tracked back to the flock exactly where the wool came from. Intervention at diverse stages of the cycle has refined the existing items and new goods were developed from half-finished organic materials.

Created of fire retardant wool, Granny pendant lighting attributes thick woollen threads, used to produce a raw but cosy surface. The threads are made by a household organization in the Tyrol, with each and every hanhinh lamp shade hand-knitted by a collective of property-based workers in the Netherlands.

A all-natural treatment is applied, producing the wool flame resistant and  resistant to moth and mite infestation modern lamp shades. Designers from Pudelskern revive centuries of cultural history and shape them into new forms of contemporary lighting. A rough and impressive landscape is woven into modern day lighting fixtures, creating living objects.

contemporary lighting design trends

Modern lighting fixtures are offered from Casamania, in rasberry and off-white (ecru) colors. Large hanging lamp shades are 37,five cm or 15 inches in diameter, modest pendant lamp shades are 17.7 cm or 7 inches in diameter.

Modern day lighting fixtures, best ten modern lighting design and style trends

Pendant light fixtures produced of corrugated paper, contemporary lighting style from Graypants

About the lamp shades designers

Pudelskern is a style team from Innsbruck. Pudelskern calls itself a Space Agency, dealing with the allocation and use of space, the core of their perform, as nicely as product designers or as interior planners. The 3 agents from Pudelskern operate together given that 2006 and their list of performs consists of a project of a space ship for the European Space Agency.

Distinct inspiration also comes from various backgrounds of the members of Pudelskern,  two studied architecture and a single is a educated carpenter and designer.  The goods of Pudelskern range from plastic objects to modern day lighting fixtures and furniture made of wool . The studio styles interiors of clubs and flats. In all their works a playful power can be discovered, -‘It’s the really like of life and the really like for the planet we are living  in, that drives us to search for new designs. Modern lighting fixtures, furnishings and interior design need to attempt to make the globe a bit much better.’

Lamp shades by amateur knitting and crochet enthusiasts

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