Thursday, October 1, 2015

Second Editions furniture collection that include home furnishings, shelves,  residence decorations and coffee tables, produced of modest and massive old books and reclaimed wood is a creative way of showing adore of nature. Unique furniture design tips are the reflection and artistic interpretation of the need to defend forests and save the atmosphere.

Meaningful furniture design by Jim Roseau reminds folks that books are made of trees. His special furnishings collection is inspired by the nature and communicate the deep respect for organic components, like paper and wood, recycling, safeguarding the atmosphere and eco friendly concepts.

Modern furniture collection is functional, unusual and quite decorative. Special furniture pieces, that are produced of recycled natural supplies, old books and reclaimed wood, are ideal decor items for eco homes.

Vintage furnishings and decorative accessories from Restoration Hardware, retro furnishings design and style

Paper art from Lisa Nilsson, recycling paper craft concepts for kids and adults

Designer furniture produced of recycled books and reclaimed wood

modern chair made of recycled booksTiny chair created of old books and reclaimed wood, recycling paper and wood concepts

Just before generating these amazing furniture things, the books are cured to guarantee consistent moisture content material and remove prospective shrinkage. Then the books are processed in an environmentally sound manner to make sure uniform functioning properties and unsurpassed durability of special furnishings pieces.

His modern day furnishings design and style tips are about recycling paper and wood, and the combination of precise handle over every single step of fabrication with the use of advanced tooling that separates a Second Editions furniture pieces from mass-made knock-offs.

wall shelf made of reclaimed wood and recycled booksWall shelf created of recycled books

Jim Rosenau, raised in a residence with over five,000 books. He has been a carpenter, comedy writer, preparing commissioner, vocational instructor, editor, application designer and co-creator of the world’s biggest parking meter. Now he creates distinctive furniture of natural materials, wood and books, recycling paper and employing reclaimed wood for modern day furnishings which he is proud of.

coffee table made of reclaimed wood and recycled booksCoffee table created of reclaimed wood and recycled old books

Unique furnishings design to recycle automobile junk yards components

Exclusive furniture styles, recycling tennis balls for playful seats

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