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Faux stone kitchen countertops perform nicely for every day testing. Sturdy and durable artificial stone materials keep preserving their gorgeous appearance with no paying any attention to hot pots and pans that touch them even though you are cooking. Even though kitchen countertops differ in components, like ceramic tiles, stainless steel, glass, plastic and solid wood, all-natural or artificial stone countertops add fashion and flare to your kitchen style without compromising functionality and look.

Common kitchen countertops created of particle board and lined with plastic is a successful combination of practicality, affordability and possibilities for creative style. Artificial stone countertops bring new robust and tough contemporary composite stone materials, adding the beautiful appearance and strength of organic stone to contemporary kitchen styles and making comfy, wholesome and stylish spaces.

Faux stone countertops are durable, non-porous and stain resistant, effortless to clean with water and beautiful in addition to their bactericidal properties. Artificial stone countertops allow create a seamless surface of any size, giving a sophisticated appear to modern day kitchens.

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kitchen peninsula with shelf

Kitchen peninsula with shelf created of artificial stone

Integrated kitchen sinks are made of the same stone countertop material for a elegant seamless kitchen style with a modern flavor. Artificial stone countertops offer you a wide choice of textured and color options. Their durability can not be questioned.

Artificial stone countertops are not an pricey gimmick, but the item available from Corian (Corian), Montelli (DuPont), Avonite, Wilsonart in USA, Hi-Macs, Staron (Samsung), Volcanics (LG) in Korea, Getacore ( Westag & Getalit), Rausolid (Rehau) in Germany or Cristallino (Trend Group) in Italy. An artificial stone countertop is a composite of a mineral filler, pigment and binder – acrylic resin, known as a composite acrylate. Its principal advantage  is a dense non-porous structure.

contemporary kitchen countertop

Contemporary gray stone kitchen countertop with cooker

Artificial stone kitchen countertops do not absorb moisture, preventing bacteria and fungi grow on kitchen surfaces created of this modern material. Artificial stone countertops have a low thermal conductivity, and they are good to touch. Glass, stainless steel or artificial stone countertops do not allow food juices penetrate into the material and decay. These components are excellent for super clean and healthful modern kitchen styles.

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Other positive aspects of adding faux stone countertops to your kitchen interior is a wide range of colors, the selection of ways of forming connections and several style solutions to beautify contemporary kitchen design and style. Integrated kitchen sinks and backsplashes, original designs and exclusive shapes let to add flare and give an artistic touch to modern kitchens with aftificial stone countertops.

rec kitchen countertop

Red stone kitchen countertop and backsplash styles

Artificial stone is really resistant to widespread household liquids, like alcohol and vinegars. Nevertheless, faux stone kitchen countertops are afraid of sharp knives and objects that can scratch its gorgeous surfaces. Its thermo-protection coat can get softer under really hot pots and pans, leaving marks, but scratches and marks can be effortlessly repaired.

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Artificial stone material fop bathroom and kitchen countertops come in distinct sizes and thicknesses. Substantial thickness provides higher possibilities for inventive kitchen design and style and experimenting with modern day forms that design unique property interiors, providing them big personalities with all possibilities produced by this remarkable modern material.

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