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Exterior ceiling largely determines the interior features. Ceiling can be monotonous, smooth and totally not conspicuous. And can be fairly diverse - caisson. Coffered ceilings as a way of interior decoration gained the greatest reputation in the course of the Renaissance.

Coffered ceiling, tiles,designs

Coffered ceiling in the Interior:

Initially they had a practical goal. For example, in ancient Greece, they were designed to decrease the arch. Now, in addition to practical use (hide irregularities) can speak about decorative significance of this selection, simply because it not only looks lovely, but also fairly luxurious.

What is a coffered ceiling?

It ceilings, with specific polygonal recesses which are referred to as - caissons. They have an interesting girder structure, and on the beams themselves might be inlays, carvings, ornamental. Use such a solution can be in virtually any space, if it fits the style and enables height. Frequently they can be observed in private houses, in libraries, home offices, living rooms and bedrooms.

Coffered ceiling, tiles,designs

I suggest to pay a visit to :

 decorative ceiling beams

Decorative ceiling beams in the interior

Coffered ceiling attributes manufacturing

These days numerous sources presented to create polyurethane decorative beamed ceiling caisson for yourself. But in the absence of abilities, knowledge and intimate knowledge of these attempts will probably failed.

Coffered ceilings of polyurethane, plaster or drywall is greater to trust pros: their fabrication and installation - this is a complicated, time-consuming work.

Contemporary technologies enable to make false ceiling design not only with rectangular recesses, but also circular, oval - items that have a non-regular configuration, created to order.

Coffered ceiling, tiles,designs

Rewards coffered ceilings

Coffered ceilings have several benefits, which I should say:

Durability (provided skilled manufacturer and competent installation).

Beauty (these days it is attainable to produce beams that are appropriate for virtually any interior).

Capability to distribute the lighting in accordance with the wishes of the owners . The style makes it possible for you to place lights so that the light evenly illuminates the whole area.

Protection against deformation . Coffered ceilings of wood protect the upper component of the premises of the deformations that happen in the approach of shrinkage of the developing (if the house is new).

Coffered ceiling stylish styles pictures :

Coffered ceiling for kitchen

Coffered ceiling for living room

Coffered ceiling for luxurious interior

Coffered ceiling, tiles,designs

Coffered ceiling for living room interior design

stylish Coffered ceilings

Coffered ceiling luxurious design for interiors

As you can see, the rewards from this selection a lot. And these rewards for coffered ceiling relate to each aesthetic and practical considerations.

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