Saturday, August 22, 2015

Patterned paint rollers have been used for ages as an alternative to decorating with wallpaper. These paint rollers are great for creating gorgeous wall decor and adding intriguing patterns to plain fabrics. Bright paint color and exclusive paint roller bring old walls back to life and create fabulous decorative fabrics for your house accessories.

Inventive painting tips and patterned paint rollers are ideal for designing original fabrics and personalizing wall decorating. The roller system from The Painted Property, includes two components: the six inch wide, embossed patterned rollers in 9 various designs and two applicators, one particular for use on fabric and the other for paper, wood  and wall decoration.

The patterned paint rollers are reusable and interchangeable. The fabrics have the appear of traditional handmade block-printed fabric, and are not for heavy use. Like any other hand-printed fabric, they want very delicate and require hand washing with a mild detergent.

wall decoration with paint roller

Unique painting concepts for wall decoration

The paper, wood and wall paint roller provides a sponged, stylish handmade appear, like antique wallpaper. It especially suits old wall decoration.

Here is a collection of painting concepts. Beautiful decorative fabrics for home accessories, curtains, bunting, cushions, stationary, lampshades and wrapping paper, covered books and furnishings and special decoration patterns on walls are just a few techniques to use patterned paint rollers for creating interior design.

fabric decoration with paint roller

Creating special decorative fabrics for home accessories with patterned paint rollers

Any surface that is flat will look fantastic following you decorate it with a patterned paint roller. There are limitless opportunities for creating customized interior decorating.

Creative painting concepts

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interior decorating with paint

Methods to use patterned paint rollers for inventive interior decorating

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